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RheumNow is a news, information and education site for rheumatologists. With the busy practitioner in mind, RheumNow consistently delivers rheumatology news, journal reports, social media highlights, and current opinions/perspectives from topic experts. RheumNow is unique in that it is written for rheumatologists by rheumatologists

I started this website after using social media and Twitter to educate those new to the field. By tweeting up to 3 news and information items daily, we have grown to 1700+ followers in 2 years.

RheumNow expands this effort by posting relevant and important content on its website and delivered directly to the inbox of active learners. It’s organized, smart and authoritative, with layers to accommodate different interests and schedules.

RheumNow provides weekday updates to your inbox if you are a registered user.

Rheumatologists want reliable information and updates. I aspire to connect rheums, ideas and advances in the field in an easily digestible manner.  

I welcome your feedback and ideas. To submit an original feature, blog or gem for consideration, see our submission guidelines. For all other inquiries, please contact us at


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Jack Cush, MD

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