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Advertising Policies


RheumNow.com accepts eligible advertising for products and services, as discussed below.


Advertising cannot and will not influence editorial decisions or content.  The ideas and opinions expressed by advertisements do not necessarily reflect those of RheumNow.com or its contributors or editors. The mention of any diagnostic test or tool, treatment or other modality should not be considered an endorsement. RheumNow.com assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to the use of the products advertised on RheumNow.com or to any errors or omissions.


RheumNow.com reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement, or discontinue publication of any previously accepted advertisement. RheumNow.com may change its advertising guidelines and advertising at any time.


For questions about our policies, or to place an advertisement, please contact info@rheumnow.com


Eligibility Requirements for Digital Advertising

1. Health Care Products or Services: Products or services eligible for advertising shall be commercially available for, germane to, effective in, and useful in (a) the practice of medicine, (b) medical education, (c) practice management, or (d) health care delivery.  Institutional advertising germane to the practice of medicine and public service messages of interest to health care providers may be considered eligible.

2. NonHealth Care Advertising: Other products and services offered by responsible advertisers that are of interest to physicians, other health professionals, and consumers are also eligible for advertising and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. Equipment, Instruments, and Devices: Advertising for equipment, instruments, and devices intended for preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Complete scientific and technical data concerning the product’s safety, operation, and usefulness may be required. These data may be either published or unpublished.

4. Books: RheumNow.com may request a copy of the book for review to determine its eligibility to be advertised. Books provided for this purpose will not be returned.

5. CME Programs: Advertisements for Continuing Medical Education programs will be considered if the CME sponsor is accredited by the ACCME.  Non-CME education may be advertised, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be fair-balanced and of value to medical practice and patient care.

6. Calls for Patients to Participate in Clinical Trials or Clinical-Trial Matching Services: Advertisements containing such calls will be considered for eligibility if they meet the requirements stated in this paragraph; academic institution, federally funded or disease specific or clinical registry trials are preferred . Acceptance of an advertisement does not indicate approval of the call for patients; the advertiser is responsible for securing any necessary institutional review board approval. The party submitting the advertisement request must provide the corresponding IRB approval letter under which the trial was conducted as well as documentation of registration of the trial at the US Food and Drug Administration’s clinicaltrials.gov and/or with European regulatory agencies. Registration at clinicaltrials.gov must have occurred prior to initiation of the trial, and trial registration numbers must be provided in the published version of the advertisement.

7. Ineligible Advertising: Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and investment opportunities may not be advertised. Advertisements for dietary supplements and vitamin preparations are not eligible unless the US Food and Drug Administration and/or European Medicines Agency has approved the claim(s) as to the safety and efficacy of the product for a disease state, or the agent is recommended in the disease treatment guidelines approved, endorsed, or collaborated on by the ACR or European League Against Rheumatism.

8. Classified Advertising: Classified advertising for physician or healthcare professional recruiting (“help wanted”), residency positions, fellowship programs, and grants are eligible for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

9. Other Products and Services: Products or services not in the above classifications may be eligible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Content of Advertisements

1. FDA and Other Regulatory Requirements: All advertisements for pharmaceuticals, drugs, devices, and other regulated health care products must meet all applicable legal requirements, including regulations of the FDA regarding advertisement and promotion. Adherence to FDA and other legal requirements concerning the content of drug advertising is the manufacturer's responsibility. Acceptance of an advertisement is not an indication that the advertisement is legally compliant. "Corporate" or "disease awareness" ads prior to a product's official FDA and/or EMA approval may be allowed provided the advertisements may not mention specific product names.

2. Advertising Message: An advertisement for a commercial product is the advertiser's message and should not be considered a reader’s sole source of information regarding the product. All promotional claims must have complete citations of information to allow readers to critically evaluate the documentation.

3. Statistical or Research Claims: Claims that include statistical statements or clinical studies must be based on studies by qualified individuals and documented by specific references to content published in recognized scientific journals. Articles accepted for publication but not yet published may also be cited, but the name and issue date of the publishing journal must be furnished. Statements based on material approved by the FDA and/or EMA for the package insert are acceptable. Documentation based on scientific exhibits or personal communications are not acceptable.

4. Advertiser and Product Identified: The advertisement should clearly identify the advertiser of the product or service offered. In the case of pharmaceutical advertisements, the full scientific (generic) name of each active ingredient must appear. The only exceptions to this guideline are the "confidential reply box" option made available to classified advertisers of health care provider placement opportunities and the "corporate" type of advertisement mentioned above, which may not state the name of a specific product until it receives FDA approval, but must provide the name of the advertising company.

5. Price Comparisons: All price-comparison advertising must include the source of all prices quoted. RheumNow.com may request additional information prior to its approval of price comparison advertising.

6. Free Items and Contests: Advertisements may not include offers for free merchandise,  contests, engagement compensation or other enticements for engagement.

7. RheumNow.com Name and Marks: Use of a name, logo, trademark, or service mark of RheumNow.com, except in reference citations or RheumNow downloaded content, is not permitted without the express, written permission from RheumNow.com (info@rheumnow.com).

8. Unacceptable Ads: This class of advertisements includes those that contain unfair comparisons or unwarranted disparagement of a competitor’s products or services; deceptive or misleading claims; offensive language or art; attacks or derogations of a personal, racial, sexual, or religious nature; or are demeaning or discriminatory toward an individual or group on the basis of age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance, or disability.

9. Advertorials: Advertorials are not accepted.

Additional Guidelines for Digital Advertising

1. Ad Types: Digital advertisements may appear as Banner Ads or Flash Video Ads.  Layout, artwork, and format shall be such as to be readily distinguishable from editorial content and to avoid any confusion with the editorial content of the publication. The label “Paid Advertisement” may be required.

2. Ad Placement: At the request of the advertiser, RheumNow.com will make reasonable efforts to avoid placing digital advertisement so that they are juxtaposed with, in line with, linked to, or adjacent to editorial content on the same topic as the advertisement.

3. Links Off-Site: Advertisements may link off-site to a commercial website and will open on a new page, and viewers must be clearly informed that they are viewing an advertisement. Advertiser websites may not frame RheumNow.com’s site content without express permission, and may not redirect the viewer to a Web site the viewer did not intend to visit. RheumNow.com reserves the right to disallow or remove links to other websites. The URL to which the advertisement links must be provided for review and approval and must adhere to the following requirements:

a. The name of the commercial entity supporting the website must be clearly displayed.. No registration of personal information (including NPI or  DEA identifiers) may be required before reaching the website.

4. Expanded/Redirected Ads: For advertisements that display additional content on a larger space than the allotted RheumNow advertisement space, the additional content can only be accessed by user clicks and links to external websites or information that conforms to the above guidelines. Redirected Advertising destinations must be approved by RheumNow.

5. Mobile Editions: The provisions stated in these Advertising Policies will be applicable to mobile editions.


RheumNow.com does not release personally identifiable data on its subscribers or on the users of its websites or e-mail service to advertisers. Digital advertisers may receive reports that show aggregated data about response to their advertisements, including the number of ad impressions and the number of times an advertisement was accessed.