Friday, 20 Oct 2017


Leading With Questions

I find it interesting that when the Q&A part of the lecture begins, everyone acts as if they just got on the elevator. Who is willing to go out on a limb and ask the first question? Is Q&A the best or worst part of lectures that you attend?  What can you do change the impact of your next Q&A experience?

TIPS for Arthritis Travelers (Best of 2015: #3)

Travel can be challenging for arthritis patients. Here are some useful tips to travel smoothly and pain free.

Compounded Pain Cream Scams (Best of 2015: #4)

I was methodically signing off on stack of refill requests, until I find one I don’t recognize.  The patient is mine but the prescription (under my name) is not. It’s for a specialty compounded cream...

5 Things To Know About Antimalarials for Lupus (Best of 2015: #5)

Here are five things every rheumatologist should know about antimalarial medications for lupus. 

11 Pearls for Pregnancy Management in Rheumatoid Arthritis (Best of 2015: #6)


Rheumatoid arthritis affects women in their child-bearing years and many will face the issue of pregnancy and RA management at some point. Here are11 considerations for those managing RA patients who wish to become pregnant.

Wine and the Rheumatologist (Best of 2015: #7)

Wine and the rheumatologist in theory could be about a lot of things. Naturally, as rheumatologists, we are interested in how wine may affect rheumatic diseases. I am more inclined to write about how our community interacts around and enjoys wine.

5 Mistakes When Diagnosing Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (Best of 2015: #10)

Adult-onset Still's posses a interestng and diagnostic challeng when encountered. Here are 5 tips to improve your diagnostic acumen for this febrile disorder.

The Ill-Conceived Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

Notalgia, Lyme disease in Texas and still wearing your hospital ID bracelet? You may have been misdiagnosed and instead have fibromyalgia!

Wine and the Rheumatologist does Vegas

As I think of the many meetings I attend as a speaker or attendee, the experience ranges from grueling to exhilarating. Yes, each venue has its own merit, including furthering my education, presenting my research, and, certainly, seeing old friends and interesting places. This particular trip had all of this but so much more.

Writing Effective Appeal Letters

Getting the right drug to the right patient isn’t quite as easy as it should be. Here's a collection of appeal trench war musings and tactics with a sample letter for all to use.

What Happened to Science in Medicine?

Have crony capitalism and medical administrators overtaken science, logic and common sense in healthcare?  Dr. John Goldman reviews some recent developments with some misgivings.

Wine and the Rheumatologist: Post ACR Reflections--Wine and Rheumatology at its Best

Let me share a great wine and ACR 2105 story with all of you. It epitomizes everything I think of when I wish to blend my work and my life, and I owe this experience to Mike Schweitz, a noted rheumatologist from Palm Beach.