Monday, 22 Jan 2018

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Podcast of ACR17 Day 2

Check out this compilation of our ACR17 Day 2 videocasts merged into a one hour podcast !

ACR 2017 - Day 2 Highlights

In the afternoon on Monday, the ACR ran a clinical symposium on gout. One presentation stood out, on “Asymptomatic hyperuricemia” (AH) by M. Pillinger, MD from NYU Medical School. At issue is when should AH be treated. He showed impressive data by Feig, wherein adolescents with hypertension and a high SUA were treated with either placebo or urate lowering therapy (ULT).

Kidney transplant improves survival in GPA

Even with currently available treatment modalities, ESRD is a common complication of Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) occurring in approximately 25% of patients. Transplantation frequently used for ESRD but has not been applied widely in GPA.

Current analysis is aimed at evaluation of benefits of transplantation in extending surgical or prisons with GPA comparing to remaining on waiting list.

Thymus and Activation-Regulated Chemokine as Biomarker for IgG4-Related Disease

IgG4 related fibrosis is rare condition with little data available on its diagnosis and treatment.

SLE Clinical Trial Design and Outcome Measures

Clinical trials remain a challenge in SLE and a number of outcome measures have been used with varying success.

Two abstracts in this session sought to address novel ways to assess responses in SLE trials.

Tech Tools for Rheumatologists Version 3.0

On Monday November 11th, Dr. Suleman Bhana, presented Tech Tools for Rheumatologists Version 3.0. 

Low-dose Bactrim Safe with Methotrexate in AAV

A high proportion of GPA patients receive pneumocystis prophylaxis, usually with TMP-SMX (Bactrim), and drug interactions are always a concern.  

Large Vessel Vasculitis: Giant Cell Arteritis and Takayasu Arteritis

Prof Weyland started by explaining that giant cell arteritis (GCA) and Takayasu Arteritis (TA) are granulomatous forms of arteritis. The age of onset is usually >60 years in GCA and < 40 years in TA, the group in the middle may be a different form of vasculitis based on gene expression studies.

Gut-derived TNF: Connection Between Crohn’s and SpA and Sacroiliitis

The pathogenesis between microscopic gut inflammation leading to the development of Crohn’s disease and sacroiliitis has been poorly understood. Dr. Debusschere, et al sought to understand this important link between IBD and axial SpA. The group looked at the in situ expression of gut biopsy derived TNF, TNFR1 and TNFR2 from known SpA patients.

Co-morbid Fibromyalgia

Rheumatoid Arthritis and SLE can be quite challenging to manage in clinical practice, but our arsenal of medications to tone down inflammation is becoming quite broad.

Sustenance Inspector’s 2017 Annual ACR report

There are two things I learned in rheumatology fellowship.

  1. Never burn any bridges because everyone in rheumatology knows each other

  2. Rheumatologists like their food

Podcast of ACR Day 1

Check out this compilation of our ACR Day 1 videocasts merged into one 59 minute podcast !

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