Friday, 15 Feb 2019

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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25 Mar 2016 Social Prednisone is safe to give to CHF pts w/ hyperuricemia; reduces SUA 3mg/dl, w/ increased urine output & renal funct
28 Mar 2016 Blog Time for a Paradigm Change in Rheumatoid Arthritis
29 Mar 2016 Social Metanalyses of drug adherence studies shows text messaging to pts yields 2 fold higher odds of medication adherence
31 Mar 2016 News Antibiotics Fail to Treat Chronic Symptoms of Lyme Disease
01 Apr 2016 Social Check out our new article: "Be the CEO of Your Health" #run #ceo #role
01 Apr 2016 News Opioid Use in Rheumatoid Arthritis
01 Apr 2016 News The Week in Review - 1 April 2016
02 Apr 2016 Social After prescribing a biologic, 46% fill Rx w/in 30d; 16% fill w/in 1-6 mos & 39% dont fill Rx. Early fills w/ young
03 Apr 2016 Social @DrDavidLazar @psufka @_connectedcare @Rheumatologe @rheumatics MSK & Sicca Sxs doNT respond to DMARDs. Most MSK sxs from FM. More on RTX
04 Apr 2016 Social @doctorakerkar The package insert says methotrexate should be stopped one month prior to conception, not 3
05 Apr 2016 News Cardiology Anti-inflammatory Trial Fails to Improve CV Outcomes
08 Apr 2016 Social My advice to myself & others:have great urgency, high goals & little patience when treating chonic Dz like RA, lupus, necrotizing vasculitis
10 Apr 2016 Social "The business is the affliction they must manage, deal with & plan for." Be your own CEO #physicians #run #business
10 Apr 2016 Social Rheumatologists New Daily Practice Rules: 1) Give Hope, 2) Set Goals, 3) Establish the Rules. Pts will leave w/ certainty, not questions
11 Apr 2016 News March 2016 Top Social Media News
11 Apr 2016 News Methotrexate Toxicity Quantified
12 Apr 2016 Social Perioperative MTX use does not cause increased postop complications or sepsis in IBD pts having abdominal surgery.
20 Apr 2016 Social Top 10 Doctors Waiting Room Suggestions from the patients at Creaky Joints. Tanning beds did not make the list!
20 Apr 2016 Social Dr David Pisetsky ponders images we use to teach & identify w/ #RA, #AS, etc. Pathognomonic, but only 1/2 the story
24 Apr 2016 Social RT @psufka: Great article on @RheumNow about a topic I’d never thought about: “Why My Patients Sit Where They Sit”