Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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24 Oct 2016 Social 5 Big MTX Mistakes: Taking MTX : 1) daily (instead of weekly); 2) takes without Folate; 3) w/ renal failure, 4) without labs; & 5) w/ HBsAg+
19 Oct 2016 Social MHRA in UK alters the etoricoxib rec dose in ankylosing spondylitis to 60 mg qd (was 90) - concern over CV risks
13 Oct 2016 News Effective Interferon-Free Regimen for HCV-Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis
05 Oct 2016 Social TaSER study 111 RA pts, shows US driven T2T treatment strategy was no more effective than DAS28 driven T2T outcomes
03 Oct 2016 Social Tell you Pts, YOU (MD) are responsible for that prescription; Anyone wants to change the Rx? CALL THE PRESCRIBER (who knows best whattodo)
29 Sep 2016 Blog TIPS for Arthritis Travelers
26 Sep 2016 Social 5 severe PSS patients getting transplants were Rx w/ immunosuppressives; showed improvement in skin & lung function…
21 Sep 2016 Social Managing MTX toxicity - this seems to be everyones favorite blog piece from RheumNow.
20 Sep 2016 News Wearable Activity Trackers Don't Improve Weight Loss
16 Sep 2016 News CDC Reports 31 Million Older Americans Don't Get Adequate Exercise
15 Sep 2016 Social Should knee/hip replacements receive Coxibs or NSAID/PPI after surgery ? If no hx PUD/GERD/Renal etc - I say yes!
12 Sep 2016 News CPAP Use Fails to Prevent CV Events in Sleep Apnea Patients
09 Sep 2016 Social Fracture nonunion (~5%) risk increased by RA, OA, diabetes, NSAIDs, opioids, anticoagulants, anticonvulsants
31 Aug 2016 Social In DMARD-naive RA pts, MTX in combo (Triple DMARD or MTX+Biologic) is clinically & Xray superior to MTX alone
26 Aug 2016 Social RT @PhRMA: ~90% of all meds filled in US are generics. Timely approval critical to patient access & hc long-term sustainability https://t.c…
23 Aug 2016 Blog Go Ahead, Jump!
22 Aug 2016 Slide of the day Apremilast
18 Aug 2016 News ARCTIC Study Shows No Benefit to Ultrasound Remission in RA
15 Aug 2016 Social Dr Steve Feldmans 7 clues to improving patient compliance - a fast scroll of practice wisdom
14 Aug 2016 Social Whats your joint tray? Ive been using old dishwasher cutlery baskets - economic (space & $$)