Friday, 19 Oct 2018

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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09 Jun 2016 Social CATCH Early RA study shows delay in Biologic start w SC MTX use, elderly and low DAS. IOP0179 #Eular2016
07 Jun 2016 Social FDA has issued a warning for risk of bleeding assoc. w/ OTC ASA containing Antacids (alka-seltzer, bromo-seltzer)
06 Jun 2016 Slide of the day Treatment of Latent TB Infection
31 May 2016 Social 1487 pts w/ LBP, only 18.7% takes meds; anxiolytics 14%; NSAIDs 12%; analgesic 7%; muscle relax. 3%; opioids, 1.6%
31 May 2016 News Patients Undertreated and Uninformed on Pain Meds and NSAIDs
27 May 2016 News RheumNow Week in Review – 27 May 2016
19 May 2016 News FDA Delays Ruling on Generic Labeling
17 May 2016 Social Some kids w/ systemic JIA respond to NSAIDs alone: < 6 yrs, 5 or less joints, CRP<1.3mg/dl based on a cohort study
14 May 2016 Social P value limitations; chance that P= 0.05 can be reproduced in an RCT is only 57%; p: 0.01, 71% (data FDA vioxx AAC)
11 May 2016 News Generics Surge the Market
11 May 2016 News Curbside Consults - May 2016
03 May 2016 News A Rheumatologist's Guide to Bariatric Surgery
27 Apr 2016 Social CDC study says Americans drink enough "water"; but only 1/3 of fluid intake is plain water. Rest as soda, juice etc
25 Apr 2016 News Anniversary Feature: Top 5 Most-Read Articles from 1st Year
24 Apr 2016 Social RT @psufka: Great article on @RheumNow about a topic I’d never thought about: “Why My Patients Sit Where They Sit”
20 Apr 2016 Social Dr David Pisetsky ponders images we use to teach & identify w/ #RA, #AS, etc. Pathognomonic, but only 1/2 the story
20 Apr 2016 Social Top 10 Doctors Waiting Room Suggestions from the patients at Creaky Joints. Tanning beds did not make the list!
12 Apr 2016 Social Perioperative MTX use does not cause increased postop complications or sepsis in IBD pts having abdominal surgery.
11 Apr 2016 News Methotrexate Toxicity Quantified
11 Apr 2016 News March 2016 Top Social Media News