Friday, 20 Oct 2017


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18 Oct 2017 Blog Step Into Sunshine
17 Oct 2017 Blog Across the Table: Cush & Erkan on Antiphospholipid Syndrome
11 Oct 2017 Social Uveitis may occur in adults (@26yrs) after a JIA onset (9 yrs). 19pts reviewed; 79% Rx topicals; 89% on systemic Rx
09 Oct 2017 News BSR Guidelines on Lupus Management
04 Oct 2017 News IBD Associated with Increased risk of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases
02 Oct 2017 News Primary Sjögren's Syndrome Guideline from the British Society for Rheumatology
28 Sep 2017 Social Review shows antiphopholipid Abs assoc w/ incr risk of idiopathic pulm arterial HTN, left-side valvular heart dz
22 Sep 2017 News Isolated SS-B Not Associated with Connective Tissue Disease
20 Sep 2017 Social Statin use not assoc. w/ lupus in adults >40yrs; >1 yr of statin use has a 38% lower risk of developing SLE
19 Sep 2017 Social Nephrologists use less steroids (60 vs 93%) & MMF (53 vs 87%) than Rheums for membranous LN w/o nephrotic syndr.
18 Sep 2017 News Half of Takayasu's Arteritis Relapse
18 Sep 2017 Social Selena Gomez recovering from renal transplant due to her Lupus.
17 Sep 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in Review on SLE + metabolic syndr, bisphosphonate holidays, 2 biologies of vasculitis, wonders of Vit D
17 Sep 2017 Social CHMP recommends EMA approve belimumab for subcut injx in Lupus; FDA approved this in 7/17.
14 Sep 2017 Social Metabolic syndrome is found in 26% of SLE pts; SLE is associated nearly 2 fold risk of Metabolic syndrome.
11 Sep 2017 News Past Infection, Lung Disease Raise Risk for Myopathy
09 Sep 2017 Social @cwrightmd @PatelAarat You said it- Big Problem + Misimpression = a poor diagnostician. Lupus IS NOT a lab diagnosi…
06 Sep 2017 Social 230SLE pts, 95 had abnormal prot-creat ratio & 24HrProt measures;PCR had insufficient accuracy vs 24hr-Prot measures
30 Aug 2017 News Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy Quadruples Death Risk
28 Aug 2017 Social SLE Epidemiology varied but increasing. Highest in AA, N America (23/100K-PY); lowest in Africa & Ukraine NAustralia