Monday, 20 Jan 2020


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20 Jan 2020 News Steroid-Sparing Effect of Tocilizumab in Refractory Takayasu Arteritis
16 Jan 2020 News TULIP2 - Anifrolumab Succeeds in Lupus
13 Jan 2020 News Steroids Up the Risk of Organ Damage in SLE
10 Jan 2020 Social Among 1827 SLE pts, 52.3% had neuropsychiatric (NP) events attributed to SLE. In first 2 years the relative risk for SLE NP events was 6.16. Mortality was higher with NP events attributed to SLE (16%) versus no NPSLE events (6%)
10 Jan 2020 News Treatment of Statin-induced anti-HMGCR myopathy
09 Jan 2020 Social Dr. Heidi Jacobi #UTSW lecturing on scleromyxedema often with "pebble like" lesions that during it from scleroderma
03 Jan 2020 Social Check out my 2019 Rheumatology Year in Review - now on RheumNow
28 Dec 2019 Social Kaiser Permanente study of 1,956 adult #SLE patients shows that only 58% of lupus pts were ≥80% adherent to hydroxychloroquine. Only age and increasing visits were predictive. Not predictive were the rheumatologist, center or socioeconomic factors.
27 Dec 2019 Social Antiphospholipid syndrome incidence is 5 per 100k/Yr; lesser known complications include Libman Sachs valve dz, livedo reticularis, racemosa, skin ulcers/necrosis, GN, thrombotic microangiopathy, AVN, non-traumatic fractures
27 Dec 2019 Social Check out last weeks RheumNow Podcast - A Merry Lupus XMAS! videocast >> or the podcast >>
24 Dec 2019 News Best of 2019 - 2019 EULAR Guidelines on Antiphospholipid Syndrome Management
24 Dec 2019 News Best of 2019 - New EULAR/ACR Classification Criteria for SLE
19 Dec 2019 News Belimumab in Lupus Nephritis
19 Dec 2019 News Is Anifrolumab Good Enough for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus?
18 Dec 2019 News Fewer Lupus Flares on Low Dose Steroids
12 Dec 2019 News CRP in SSc: Identifying a Severe Phenotype
11 Dec 2019 Social J Rheum metanalysis of 12 studies & 3,234 SLE pt vs 288,336 control subjects shows a significant association between SLE occurrence and current-smoker (not former) (OR 1.54)
11 Dec 2019 Social S American study of #SLE compared Latin American (LAM) vs European caucasian SLE pts - LAM had more myositis, hemolytic anemia, nephritis, Sm, Ro, RNP & more disease activity, hospital admissions, but damage index, mortality or co-morbidities
09 Dec 2019 News Steroids Use in Lupus Linked to Damage Accural
06 Dec 2019 Social Newly Dx #SLE patients have a 62% higher risk of hip fracture. Canadian matched cohort study of 5,047 incident SLE vs and 25,235 non-SLE showed more hip fractures in SLE (HR=1.62 [95% CI; 1.06-2.48]). Implications for OP prevention in SLE patients?