Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020


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10 May 2016 Social May is Myositis Awareness Month. Myositis affects ~60,000 Americans https://t.co/IvJ2FUbdnu
10 May 2016 News Scleroderma Digital Ulcers Fail to Respond to Endothelin Antagonist
11 May 2016 Social The "Chewing Gum Test" confirms active GCA by inducing jaw claudication within 3 minutes of 1 chew per second. https://t.co/wt8oAU0w15
11 May 2016 Social 15yr Taiwan study of 75,123 autoimmune disease pts shows 1-2 fold signif incr Cancer rates for SLE, Sjog, PSS, DM/PM https://t.co/WjUHiutTaf
12 May 2016 Social Retrospective study from Brigham shows adverse SLE pregnancy outcomes assoc. w/ nephritis, cytopenia, serositis https://t.co/SYYTZQEbC2
12 May 2016 News Vasculitis Associated with Biologic Use
13 May 2016 Social New $5 million Lupus Medical Research Program Approved by House Subcommittee https://t.co/XYU3Rxod8s
13 May 2016 News Netrin-1 May Promote Lung Fibrosis in Scleroderma
18 May 2016 Social Lupus retinopathy seen in 12% of 96 lupus pts; mild in 2/3. retinopathy pts had higher Creat, ESR, & Plts counts https://t.co/wPSaxmpWak
19 May 2016 News GWAS Reveals Shared Susceptibility Locus Between RA and SLE
25 May 2016 Social 17.2% PM/DM get cancer, more in DM (23%) vs PM (9%).Incr risk w/ older age, heliotrope, Gottron's, dysphagia, lowCPK https://t.co/MKarwYYjqV
25 May 2016 News Tocilizumab Effective in PMR
01 Jun 2016 Social Cool images of scleroderma demonstrating interstitial lung disease, in a usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern https://t.co/iFJgTljqxa
01 Jun 2016 Social Rituximab fails to be effective treatment for calcinosis. https://t.co/OqWwxdlvK7
02 Jun 2016 Social After steroids, Azathioprine, methotrexate & mycophenolate are most commonly chosen agents to Rx #Myositis. https://t.co/wboHZ7dJQe
06 Jun 2016 News Comorbidities Seen with ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
06 Jun 2016 Social Which to use with Scleroderma interstitial lung disease - Cytoxan or Mycophenolate - Dr Pope tackles the question https://t.co/C6Hv3LuqlM
07 Jun 2016 Social Review of imaging, DMARD or Biologic use in Polymyalgia (PMR) by Drs Matteson Dejaco and Buttgereit https://t.co/MyGIMNDWYS
09 Jun 2016 Social #Eular2016 Lg SSc cohort study showed 5 factors predict SSc mortality- male, upper GI involved, proteinuria, LVEF<50%, DLCO<60% #OP0030
09 Jun 2016 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Cassie Calabrese rocks the house at EULAR with luetic vasculitis @RheumNow @HealioRheum https://t.co/QqRnbOprE8