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13 Jun 2016 Social NEJM vignette showing Gastrointestinal complications of GPA; bowel vasculitis, hemorrhage, hemoperitoneum https://t.co/I13vFVPeAL
14 Jun 2016 Social Review: Varicella reactivation causes shingles, meningoencephalitis, myelitis, vasculopathy, CVA, GCA, CNS aneurysm https://t.co/lU10tQnxbn
14 Jun 2016 News Dramatic Results for Interferon Blocker in SLE
15 Jun 2016 Social Systematic review of Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis by the experts. https://t.co/knLcDFN4Zs
16 Jun 2016 Social Immune related AE (sicca, synovitis, colitis, nephritis thyroiditis) w/ ipilimumab (CTLA-4) & nivolumab (anti-PD-1) https://t.co/Qgrv8QujIr
16 Jun 2016 Social Swedish registries show lupus pts have 2 fold increased risk of cervical dysplasia & cancer https://t.co/pab1oMVboD https://t.co/3cRdEqRDEQ
17 Jun 2016 Social Latest update/metanalysis on Etio, Classification, Diagnosis & Rx (DMARDs, TNFi, TCZ) of Takayasu's arteritis. https://t.co/UGiEuu1aIx
20 Jun 2016 News Pregnancy Complications in Primary Sjogren's
21 Jun 2016 Social Studies from UCLA & U. Pittsburgh show Lung Transplant outcomes in Scleroderma similar to outcomes w/ pulm fibrosis https://t.co/8AagBRVCmB
22 Jun 2016 Social Breast cancer patients who also have autoimmune disorders have reduced survival and worse outcomes https://t.co/U2hsLENZxa
22 Jun 2016 News Hypogonadism Ups the Risk of Autoimmunity
23 Jun 2016 News Infection Risk Increased in Giant Cell Arteritis
24 Jun 2016 Social faSScinate study in Lancet. 87 SSc pts Rx w/ PBO or TCZ 162/wk. Improved skin scores (P0.06) & FVC (p0.03) @48wks https://t.co/bFpOrMKAFi
24 Jun 2016 Social 40% lymphoma risk in Sjogrens if 3-6 risk factors = enlarged glands, LN, Raynauds, Ro/La, RF, mono gammopathy, low …/buff.ly/28UMNW1
24 Jun 2016 Social Antiphospholipid & anti-β2-glycoprotein Abs not associated with lupus nephritis. Immunosuppression lowers levels https://t.co/ExefBNDTCm
28 Jun 2016 Social Risk factors for Gangrene in Scleroderma (DUO)= current/former smoker, ≥3 finger DUs, prior gangrene, sympathectomy https://t.co/DR9tGwAKG1
30 Jun 2016 News EULAR Recommendations for the Management of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
05 Jul 2016 Social In #RA patients, Conenzyme Q10 shown to have modest antioxidant and TNF effects, but no effect on IL-6. https://t.co/FJj0MQp49c
05 Jul 2016 Social RT @RheumJnl: New #bsr guidelines for #scleroderma now published in @RheumJnl https://t.co/MXa8gIL3Sv
06 Jul 2016 News Fresolimumab (anti-TGF beta) Improves Systemic Sclerosis