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04 Aug 2015 News ACTEMRA Gets "Breakthrough" Status from the FDA for Scleroderma
04 Aug 2015 Social 90 systemic sclerosis pts w/ Abs against angiotensin II & endothelin-1 receptors predict digital ulcers (HR 2.9-3.4)
05 Aug 2015 Social Data from Nurses Health Study shows endometriosis poses modest risk for Lupus (HR 2.0) and RA (1.4)
05 Aug 2015 News 10 Year Study Identifies Predictors of Skin Progression in Systemic Sclerosis
05 Aug 2015 Social @DrPetryna 8 pts Rx w/ Coumadin alternative Rivaroxaban get thromboses while being Rx for anti-Phospholipid syndrome
07 Aug 2015 Social Systematic review of nonpharmacological treatment for primary Sjögren's syndrome (sadly data low quality & high bias)
10 Aug 2015 News Metformin May Improve Netosis Driven Lupus Activity
12 Aug 2015 Social Superb review of the pathogenesis of cutaneous lupus by Werth & Actman.
18 Aug 2015 Social Swedish SLINK study shows first-born have reduced odds of having SLE in childhood or early adulthood.
18 Aug 2015 Social Review of Pregnancy in Systemic vasculitis shows lower gestation ages & birth wts, with more complications and flares
20 Aug 2015 Social Respiratory & ENT Sxs (cough, tongue infarction, trismus, hearing loss, facial swelling) may be 1st features of GCA
21 Aug 2015 Social update on Takayasus artertitis and the use of MRA & 18-FDG-PET imaging.
21 Aug 2015 News Poor Compliance in SLE Leads to More ER Visits and Hospitalizations
21 Aug 2015 News Serious Infections are Increasing in Lupus
23 Aug 2015 Social RT @JAMA_current: #Sarcoidosis most often affects the lungs and can manifest as multisystem disease…
26 Aug 2015 Blog Rheumatology - the Favored Few
04 Sep 2015 Social Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells were given to 40 active lupus pts: 32% major % 28% partial response, 33% flared
04 Sep 2015 Social Cogan's syndrome:Rare, w/ interstitial keratitis & sensorineural hearing loss +/- syst vasculitis. Rx steroids, INFLX
04 Sep 2015 Social Immunogenetics of SLE reviewed: includes type I IFN, polygenic, monogenic and epigentic influences.
09 Sep 2015 Social Small SLE cohort w/ & w/o pulm HTN; chronic uric acid levels ≥ 7 mg/dl predicted future of PH (RR=8.5, 95CI 1-72)