Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020


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10 Sep 2015 News High False Negative Rate with PFTs in Scleroderma
11 Sep 2015 News Antibodies to 14-3-3η Found in Large Vessel Vasculitis
12 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici lectures @ RAL mtg on Behcets. L moving from endemic/turkey to none endemic areas do better, less severe Dz
13 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici @RAL: Behcets >50% have eye dz. hypopyon in 20%; BD leading cause of blindness in Japan & Israel.
13 Sep 2015 Social RT @SjogrensCa: Immune Components of Liver Damage Associated with Connective Tissue Diseases http://t.co/z5XlKc6TCA #sjogrens #rheum
13 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici @RAL. Behcets eye dz should be Rx w/ AZA + prednisone. Severe eye- rx w/ CyA, infliximab, or IFN alpha
13 Sep 2015 News VEGF121-Fibrin as a Potential Therapy for Skin Ulcers in Systemic Sclerosis
14 Sep 2015 Social @Drpetryna +anti-CarP Abs in #Sjogrens suggest more active disease & high risk of additional comorbidity http://t.co/95xrxb8Dbk
15 Sep 2015 Social anti-Ro Abs play pathogenic role in QTc prolongation. Pts w/ Ro abs should have ECG to screen for prolonged QTc http://t.co/klmeMcXXrK
16 Sep 2015 Social MHRA warns that proton pump inhibitors may be assoc w/ subacute cutaneous lupus http://t.co/mgR5ExWuuh
16 Sep 2015 Social Dr Petyrna Bench-to-bedside: early Interferon signature observed in patients with SSc even before overt skin fibrosis http://t.co/8OWV8VzMqw
17 Sep 2015 Social DrPetryna A study reveals Female patients with #Polymyositis may suffer from subclinical ovarian dysfunction. http://t.co/EA747xrvp1
17 Sep 2015 Social Review of Calcinosis concludes the mainstay of treatment is surgical excision of calcium deposits?!? Are they joking? http://t.co/kHjtWZUEEY
18 Sep 2015 Social High frequency of metabolic syndrome and abnormal adipocytokine profile in Primary Sjogrens Syndrome http://t.co/UoU2ihejQh @DrPetryna
21 Sep 2015 Social Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis is an uncommon skin manifestation in lupus. http://t.co/TY7HE2otQa
22 Sep 2015 Social Comparison of MMF, CTX iv, AZA in lupus nephritis hispanics; MMF is superior to CTX, AZA at induction. http://t.co/5ANdVPL4mF
24 Sep 2015 News Only 1 in 5 Seek Treatment for Raynaud's
24 Sep 2015 Social 38.3% of lupus pts have nephritis; Nephritis pts get ESRD (10%), more death (3x), but not effected by Plaquenil rx http://t.co/mXkSc2vdO1
28 Sep 2015 Slide of the day IL-17
28 Sep 2015 Social Hepatitis B assoc. polyarteritis nodosa is ANCA negative, relapse rare after seroconversion, Rx w/ Viral Rx & PLEX http://t.co/LZ6Q7xl3a9