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30 Jul 2019 Social Cohort study shows ACE inhib. in Systemic Sclerosis at Dx was assoc w/ increased risk for Scleroderma Renal Crisis (SRC). Military System EHR study of 31 SRC to 332 non-SRC & found ACEi assoc w/ SRC (OR 4.1; CI 1.6–10.2) only in presence of proteinuria https://t.co/cMsheXrmRY
29 Jul 2019 News Abatacept Disappoints in Systemic Sclerosis
25 Jul 2019 News FDA AAC Splits Vote in Favor of Nintedanib for Scleroderma Interstitial Lung Disease
22 Jul 2019 Social Study from National Inpatient Sample (2002-11) , 424 hospitals, 4024 #SLE pts admitted w/ sepsis. Mortality varied from 0-60%. Hospitals that treated ⩾3.9 patients with SLE and sepsis annually had a lower risk of lupus mortality (10% vs 17%; P = 0.004). https://t.co/TuVfaGUpcM
22 Jul 2019 News FDA Approves Apremilast for Behcet's Oral Ulcers
19 Jul 2019 Social There was no increaesd risk of cancer in 767 patients with giant cell arteritis in western Norway was compared to matched controls https://t.co/25gf89Ty0f
17 Jul 2019 Social 10 question UK survey on the use of HCQ in 989 patients (71% SLE; 12% UCTD/MCTD, 5.2% skin lupus, 11.5% RA, SS, etc). Results: 56% never had HCQ side effects; 23% had AE that improved; 12% had AE currently & 8.6% stopped HCQ for AE. https://t.co/iqJl0eEPTg
16 Jul 2019 News Cardiovascular Disease Increased in Hospitalized Lupus Patients
11 Jul 2019 Social Increased time spent in lupus low dz activity state (LLDAS) reduces healthcare costs. Among 212 SLE pts analyzed; increased cost assoc w/ damage & steroid use, but spending ≥50% of time in LLDAS resulted in a 26% reduction in direct medical cost https://t.co/Kfd064kZFX
10 Jul 2019 Social Study of 28 states and 10.268 lupus Medicaid patients showed that only 15% were adherent to Plaquenil treatment. Adherence was lower in blacks living in certain zip codes but not in zip codes prevalents for Hispanic, white, education, poverty level. https://t.co/ytFXaOGKB2
09 Jul 2019 Social RTX product label lists Serum Sickness (SS) as uncommon postmarketing AE. Study of 37 pts w/ RTX SS finds that 3/4 occurred in SLE & autoimmune dz; 1st inf54% during 1st injxn, usually w/in 12 days. Manifest as MSK sx (92%), fever (87%), skin lesions(78%) https://t.co/gc8CUXhqxL
09 Jul 2019 News Pregnancy Outcomes Improve in Lupus
08 Jul 2019 Social Metanalysis shows the prevalence of autoimmune hepatitis for Asian, European, and American populations was 12.99 (95% CI: 2.05–23.92), 19.44 (15.63–23.24), and 22.80 (13.48 to 59.07) per 100,000; higher rates seen in women and elderly https://t.co/OtvvWBvb3x
08 Jul 2019 Social A nested case-control study of 120 SLE pts matched against 240 controls and showed the risk of serious infections was associated with serositis (OR 2.76), hematologic involvement (OR 2.53) and daily steroid (>7.5mg/d) use (OR, 2.53). https://t.co/5zqV9jsNq1
01 Jul 2019 Social Dr. Dinesh Khanna discusses the pulmonary outcomes of tocilizumab is systemic sclerosis (focuSSed trial). #EULAR2019 OP0245 https://t.co/UtvBLz6Cg7 https://t.co/tptDVbBug2
01 Jul 2019 News Blinded by the Use of Antimalarials in Lupus?
27 Jun 2019 News Disparities in Lupus Survival
26 Jun 2019 News DMARD Success in Myositis-Related Interstitial Lung Disease
25 Jun 2019 Social Study of 1224 SLE pts found 7% with neuropathies (PNS) w/ 2/3 attributable to SLE. 67% PNS occurred w/in 3 mos of SLE diagnosis. Periph. polyneuropathy was most common (43%). PNS pts were older, w/ higher SLEDAI-2K, Sjogrens, livedo, HTN, DM. https://t.co/G7l2GGbmgR
25 Jun 2019 News Sjögren's Syndrome Differs in Minorities