Thursday, 23 Jan 2020


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06 Jul 2016 News faSScinate Study Shows Tocilizumab to be Effective in Systemic Sclerosis
06 Jul 2016 Social Metanalyses shows influenza vaccine in #SLE is safe, doesnt flare SLE, is moderately effective; lower seroconversion
08 Jul 2016 News Angiogenic Biomarkers Predict Adverse Outcomes Pregnancies in Lupus
08 Jul 2016 News Lupus Patients Genomically Stratified to Explain Treatment Responses
08 Jul 2016 Social Thalidomide (25-100mg/d) is highly effective in difficult lupus skin dz. Well tolerated w/ only drowsy, constipation
08 Jul 2016 Social Majority of pediatric lupus w/ acute pancreatitis develop macrophage activation syndr w/ high mortality rate
09 Jul 2016 Social Risk of Lupus premature ovarian failure due to Dz activity & CTX Rx. POF is 0.6% w/o CTX, but 5.4% w/ CTX Rx.
10 Jul 2016 Social Famous faces with #Lupus: Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon, Toni Braxton, Seal, Flannery O'Connor, Megyn Kelly
14 Jul 2016 Social Lupus panniculitis: indurated nodules/plaques w/ lipoatrophy, prox extremities & trunk. Get deep Bx;Rx HCQ, Steroids
17 Jul 2016 Social RT @RWCSmtg: Pearl: The photosensitive rash you'll most likely encounter is polymorphous light eruption. https://t…
18 Jul 2016 Social Alliance for Lupus Research, Lupus Research Institute & SLE Lupus Found. have merged to form Lupus Research Alliance
19 Jul 2016 Social WEGENT compared outcomes in 112 GPA & MPA pts; Imuran & MTX had similar 10 yr survival, relapse rates, & toxicities
19 Jul 2016 Social RT @RWCSmtg: Pearl: Dapsone can be of benefit in SCLE pts who do not respond to antimalarials.…
19 Jul 2016 Social RT @ACRSimpleTasks: @RheumNow share your recommendations for Living Well w/ Lupus during the July #RheumChat! More info:…
21 Jul 2016 Social Pirfenidone is FDA approved for IPF. Open label study 63 PSS pts w/ IPF show it tolerable but no effect on outcomes
21 Jul 2016 Social Between 10-50% of colorectal cancer patients have a positive ANA by either EIA or IIF. Small study but instructive
24 Jul 2016 Social RT @ImmunologyNews: Long-term subcutaneous immunoglobulin use in inflammatory myopathies: A retrospective review ht…
25 Jul 2016 Social Ped lupus: urine biomarkers NGAL, ceruloplasmin, MCP1, adiponectin, hemopexin, KIM-1 correlates with lupus nephritis
25 Jul 2016 Slide of the day Autoimmune Disease & Women
26 Jul 2016 Social CHMP has recommended abatacept for 1st line use (before MTX) in moderate to severe RA. EMA to consider approval