Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020


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10 Sep 2015 News High False Negative Rate with PFTs in Scleroderma
11 Sep 2015 News Antibodies to 14-3-3η Found in Large Vessel Vasculitis
12 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici lectures @ RAL mtg on Behcets. L moving from endemic/turkey to none endemic areas do better, less severe Dz
13 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici @RAL: Behcets >50% have eye dz. hypopyon in 20%; BD leading cause of blindness in Japan & Israel.
13 Sep 2015 Social RT @SjogrensCa: Immune Components of Liver Damage Associated with Connective Tissue Diseases #sjogrens #rheum
13 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici @RAL. Behcets eye dz should be Rx w/ AZA + prednisone. Severe eye- rx w/ CyA, infliximab, or IFN alpha
13 Sep 2015 News VEGF121-Fibrin as a Potential Therapy for Skin Ulcers in Systemic Sclerosis
14 Sep 2015 Social @Drpetryna +anti-CarP Abs in #Sjogrens suggest more active disease & high risk of additional comorbidity
15 Sep 2015 Social anti-Ro Abs play pathogenic role in QTc prolongation. Pts w/ Ro abs should have ECG to screen for prolonged QTc
16 Sep 2015 Social MHRA warns that proton pump inhibitors may be assoc w/ subacute cutaneous lupus
16 Sep 2015 Social Dr Petyrna Bench-to-bedside: early Interferon signature observed in patients with SSc even before overt skin fibrosis
17 Sep 2015 Social DrPetryna A study reveals Female patients with #Polymyositis may suffer from subclinical ovarian dysfunction.
17 Sep 2015 Social Review of Calcinosis concludes the mainstay of treatment is surgical excision of calcium deposits?!? Are they joking?
18 Sep 2015 Social High frequency of metabolic syndrome and abnormal adipocytokine profile in Primary Sjogrens Syndrome @DrPetryna
21 Sep 2015 Social Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis is an uncommon skin manifestation in lupus.
22 Sep 2015 Social Comparison of MMF, CTX iv, AZA in lupus nephritis hispanics; MMF is superior to CTX, AZA at induction.
24 Sep 2015 News Only 1 in 5 Seek Treatment for Raynaud's
24 Sep 2015 Social 38.3% of lupus pts have nephritis; Nephritis pts get ESRD (10%), more death (3x), but not effected by Plaquenil rx
28 Sep 2015 Slide of the day IL-17
28 Sep 2015 Social Hepatitis B assoc. polyarteritis nodosa is ANCA negative, relapse rare after seroconversion, Rx w/ Viral Rx & PLEX