Friday, 27 Mar 2020


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13 Feb 2016 Social #RWCS 2016 Dr. Martin: mimics of Butterfly rashes include acute LE, SCLE, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, photosensative drug rxn
16 Feb 2016 News Lupus Flares After Renal Transplant
16 Feb 2016 Social Cutaneous lupus (4.3/100000) reviewed - subgroups, pathogenesis, CLASI assessment and treatments covered.
17 Feb 2016 Social Biomarkers predictive of decline in Renal Funct in lupus nephritis: LFABP, urine MCP-1, albumin, transferrin
17 Feb 2016 Social Myelodysplasia assoc w/ 29% autoimmune Dz risk (hypothyroid, ITP, RA, psoriasis) w/ better survival, less AML transf
22 Feb 2016 News Pulmonary Hypertension Earlier and More Severe in Men with Scleroderma
23 Feb 2016 Social RT @psufka: Picture in @NEJM of scalp necrosis in GCA, the topic of this weeks #RheumJC:
23 Feb 2016 News Challenges of Dermatomyositis Progress
26 Feb 2016 Social Review: Exercise in juvenile & adult myositis. No evidence to avoid it w/ active disease. tailor exercose to pt need
29 Feb 2016 Social Hydroxychloroquine reduces CV events by 70% - data from 1266 RA patients over a 12 yr period.
29 Feb 2016 Social Post. reversible encephalopathy (PRES) is rare in #SLE. ^Risk w/ HTN, CRI, Dz activity, lymphopenia, ^Lipids, youth
01 Mar 2016 News Zika Virus May Cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome
01 Mar 2016 Social Review of Head & Neck imaging in GPA: sinonasal, airway, orbital, skull base, intracranial, temporal bone, auditory
02 Mar 2016 Social Temporal arteritis predictive factors in 228 Temp Art Bx study: Headache, high ESR, jaw claudication, thrombocytosis
07 Mar 2016 Slide of the day Hydroxychloroquine and Lupus
07 Mar 2016 Blog How Do I Treat Symptomatic Interstitial Lung Disease in Scleroderma?
07 Mar 2016 News Pregnancies are Adversely Affected Even Before the Diagnosis of Lupus
08 Mar 2016 News Drugs that May Induce Raynaud's
08 Mar 2016 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Exhausted T Cells: Bad for cancer, but good for autoimmunity @RheumNow @ACRheum @HealioRheum http…
11 Mar 2016 News Risk Factors for Pulmonary Hypertension in Lupus