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24 Dec 2019 News Best of 2019 - 2019 EULAR Guidelines on Antiphospholipid Syndrome Management
24 Dec 2019 News Best of 2019 - New EULAR/ACR Classification Criteria for SLE
19 Dec 2019 News Belimumab in Lupus Nephritis
19 Dec 2019 News Is Anifrolumab Good Enough for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus?
18 Dec 2019 News Fewer Lupus Flares on Low Dose Steroids
12 Dec 2019 News CRP in SSc: Identifying a Severe Phenotype
11 Dec 2019 Social J Rheum metanalysis of 12 studies & 3,234 SLE pt vs 288,336 control subjects shows a significant association between SLE occurrence and current-smoker (not former) (OR 1.54)
11 Dec 2019 Social S American study of #SLE compared Latin American (LAM) vs European caucasian SLE pts - LAM had more myositis, hemolytic anemia, nephritis, Sm, Ro, RNP & more disease activity, hospital admissions, but damage index, mortality or co-morbidities
09 Dec 2019 News Steroids Use in Lupus Linked to Damage Accural
06 Dec 2019 Social Newly Dx #SLE patients have a 62% higher risk of hip fracture. Canadian matched cohort study of 5,047 incident SLE vs and 25,235 non-SLE showed more hip fractures in SLE (HR=1.62 [95% CI; 1.06-2.48]). Implications for OP prevention in SLE patients?
03 Dec 2019 Social Study of two dietary patterns and the risk of SLE from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS, 1984–2014) and Nurses' Health Study II (NHSII, 1991–2015) shows no association between incident lupus and (healthier) prudent or (less healthy) Western diet.
27 Nov 2019 News Rheumatic Immune-Related Adverse Events: Not Just Another IrAE
20 Nov 2019 Social Plenary session shows AA/blacks at higher risk for #SLE & that blacks have 16 fold increased risk for IHD, CVD. CV risk accelerated at yrs 1 & 10. Copy & paste. #ACR19 Abst 805
20 Nov 2019 ACR Video TULIP Trials in Lupus: Dr. Michael Putman
19 Nov 2019 Social @kdao2011 abstr#1897 Let’s talk about SEX Background: 69% SLE males had ED: risks include lymphopenia and GCs (not dose dependent) - current study n= 124 SLE male 47% have sexual dysfx - assc with ⬇️edu & high HAQ; not related to DMARDS
19 Nov 2019 Social Up to 20% of Sjogrens patients may not have sicca symptoms, especially those with CNS dz. Dr. F. Vivino #ACR19
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Primer in Comorbidities in Lupus: Dr. Janet Pope
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Macrophage Activation Syndrome: Dr. Antoni Chan
18 Nov 2019 News Part 1:  The “P” in Prednisone stands for Poison...and Other Pearls
13 Nov 2019 ACR Video Lupus Pearls: Dr. Kathryn Dao