Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019


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09 Feb 2018 Social Dr. Bevra Hahn - high vs love dose cytoxan have requested outcomes in lupus nephritis #RWCS 2018 https://t.co/Z32IIQ4Zzm
14 Jun 2018 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Bruni. IV / cyclophosphamide comparable efficacy in for ILD & skin in SSc at 1 year. More leucopaenia (21.6 vs 1.2%), H…
22 Oct 2018 Social RT @NicoleBitencou5: In the largest study of #pregnancies in pts with #SLE in the US, a decline in maternal mortality and fetal death from…
15 Feb 2019 Social Analysis of a large Pediatric hospital database and 5679 SLE admissions shows that 12.4% had Pericardial Effusion (PCE) at entry. PCE was assoc w/ 2.5 higherrisk of In-hospital mortality(p 0.027) and 1.5 time more 30Day readmissions (p 0.001). https://t.co/XS6FEGfdH5
01 Jul 2019 Social Dr. Dinesh Khanna discusses the pulmonary outcomes of tocilizumab is systemic sclerosis (focuSSed trial). #EULAR2019 OP0245 https://t.co/UtvBLz6Cg7 https://t.co/tptDVbBug2
18 Sep 2015 Social High frequency of metabolic syndrome and abnormal adipocytokine profile in Primary Sjogrens Syndrome http://t.co/UoU2ihejQh @DrPetryna
01 Jun 2016 Social Rituximab fails to be effective treatment for calcinosis. https://t.co/OqWwxdlvK7
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Human CD8 Tregs: an important key to GCA immunology. Dr. Weyland @RheumNow #SOTA2017 https://t.co/XYGgf3N1nI
28 Aug 2017 Social SLE Epidemiology varied but increasing. Highest in AA, N America (23/100K-PY); lowest in Africa & Ukraine NAustralia https://t.co/jK9tJ2Ybqy
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Pre-clinical assoc between serologic measures of EBV reactivation and SLE disease transition. #ACR17 @RheumNow #910 https…
10 Nov 2017 Social RT @ACRheum: EULAR & ACR present draft of new #SLE Classification Criteria at the 2017 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.→ https://t.co/PaviXkg9BT #A…
22 Jun 2018 Social RT @Lupus_SM: Curious to find out how Immunosuppressant use and hospitalisation pattern for #SLE have evolved between 2005 and 2013? Find o…
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: checkpoint inhibitor-related myositis associated with poor outcomes. #2976 @RheumNow @HealioRheum #ACR18
19 Mar 2019 Social Study of 21,016 SLE patients from Korean Health Claims databases shows SLE patients have a higher risk of cancer than controls (OR 1.44; 95% CI 1.33–1.56) with highre rates of cervical, thyroid, ovarian, oral cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, & multiple myeloma https://t.co/NKR9i4ccfU
15 Oct 2015 Social Comparisons of 524 Lupus shows pts w/ malar rash onset have more SLE activity at 1 & 5 yrs than DLE or non-CLE pts. http://t.co/OBou6Os6nF
22 Jun 2016 Social Breast cancer patients who also have autoimmune disorders have reduced survival and worse outcomes https://t.co/U2hsLENZxa
23 Jul 2015 Social Apremilast useful in lupus? 8pt open label trial in discoid LE showed significant skin improvement @ 85d (by CLASI) http://t.co/v7iCv5H7zq
06 Apr 2016 Social Morphea can be more than skin deep; MRI and biopsy proven thickening of fascia. https://t.co/4sTMKrSgS0
30 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: MALT more common than diffuse B cell lymphoma in Sjogrens pts. A Baer, MD @RheumNow #SOTA2017 https://t.co/GnEuD3JULd
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @Lupusdoc: Changes in gut microbiome linked to active SLE nephritis @RheumNow #ACR17 #1786 https://t.co/aWlsbEfNOe