Friday, 19 Jul 2019


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23 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Paul Monach
23 Apr 2019 News Improved Survival in Lupus
23 Apr 2019 Social Should you check hydroxychloroquine levels in your #SLE patients? I do not but probably should in patients who are not in remission as nonadherence to HCQ may be as high as 50%. This is routinely available.
22 Apr 2019 Social Autoimmune dz is 4x more common in women. Studies in mice show females have increased expression of epidermal VGLL3 - known to drives proinflammatory gene expression cutaneous lupus, B cell expansion, auto-AB production, immune complex deposition.
19 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Richard Furie
18 Apr 2019 Slide of the day Comparison of Rhupus and RA
17 Apr 2019 News EULAR 2019 Update to Lupus Management
17 Apr 2019 News Mortality Risk Factors in Systemic Sclerosis
16 Apr 2019 Social Immunomonitoring with microarrays from the SLE PROMISE pregnancy study shows that adverse outcomes (preeclampsia) can be identified by quantifying plasma cell, interferon and neutrophil RNA levels during the pregnancy
16 Apr 2019 Social Peripheral Nervous system involvement in lupus is uncommon at 6.9% - 1/3 were polyneuropathy, 1/3 were cranial neuropathy and few mononeuritis. Risk greatest with age, lupus disease activity and damage
15 Apr 2019 News Better Tests Ahead in Lupus
11 Apr 2019 News GCA Relapse Risk High with Steroids
03 Apr 2019 Social RT @RheumNow: In newly Dx GPA it’s ok to treat with steroids PLUS MTX or MMF or RTX. #RNL2019 Dr Carol Langford
03 Apr 2019 ACR Video RNL Intro - Dr. Richard Furie on Lupus Therapeutics & Novel Strategies
02 Apr 2019 Social RT @RheumNow: Erdheim Chester dz as a mimic of vasculitis or IgG4 related disease. Pearls from #RNL2019 Dr. Philip Seo…
02 Apr 2019 Social RT @MedReuma: Biologic Treatment of Giant Cell Arteritis. Paul Monach in #RNL2019 #vasculitis @RheumNow
26 Mar 2019 News Presenting Features of Early SLE
25 Mar 2019 News Autoimmune Disease Clustering at ENDO 2019
24 Mar 2019 Social #RNL2019 Dr Carol Langford’s approach to Rx if GPA
22 Mar 2019 Social serum soluble programmed cell death protein 1 (sPD-1)shown to correlate w/ BVAS activity in 59 pts w/ ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV). sPD-1 was correlated with hemoglobin and serum albumin, but not ESR or CRP.