Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019


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28 Sep 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up - discussing PSS & Cancer, SLE & narcotics, AAV & Lipids, Anakinra & NIDDM. Watch it here>> or listen to the podcast on iTunes, or SoundCloud>>
26 Sep 2019 News MMWR: Increased Opioid Use in Lupus
25 Sep 2019 News Low Dose IL-2 Effective in Lupus
20 Sep 2019 Social 90 SLE pts (SLEDAI<6) on immunosuppressives were given PBO or Live Virus zostavax - Vax pts had significantly higher Wk 6 anti-VZV IgG, more injection site reactions (31 vs 7%). 3 pts flared (1PBO; 2 Zostavax) and no one developed zoster postvaccination
20 Sep 2019 Social Risk of HCQ/CQ Retinal toxicity was 5.5% in 326 SLE pts F/U x 12.8 yrs. None occured in 1st 5 yrs; earliest 8 yrs (max =33 years). Retinal toxicity cases tended to have more renal disease (22% vs 15%) and were slightly less likely to be Caucasian
19 Sep 2019 Social Metanalysis of 16 studyes Systemic Sclerosis pregnancies have a higher risk of miscarriages (OR 1.6), IUGR (OR 3.2), preterm births (OR 2.4) and low birth weight (OR 3.8). SSc pts have 2.8 fold higher rate of gestational HTN & 2.3x more C- sections.
18 Sep 2019 News Sensitivity of Temporal Artery Biopsy
18 Sep 2019 News FDA Grants Breakthrough Status for Potential Lupus Nephritis Drug
17 Sep 2019 Social Despite RCTs showing RTX doesnt work in SLE - rheums still use it. Review of 147 SLE pts on RTX shows better outcomes in those w/ a low # prior DMARDs & low C4 levels. Lesser resp w/ Joint dz. (>1/2 had prior MMF, AZA, HCQ; 1/3 CTX or MTX)
16 Sep 2019 Social Despite several Vitamin D intervention RCTs in SLE failing; a metanalysis shows Vit D levels low in SLE, esp if SLEDAI >10. Deficiency of Vit D incr SLE risk (OR=4.37) and Vit D levels were inversely correlated with SLEDAI (correlation coefficien = −0.50)
15 Sep 2019 Social RT @sclerodermaUM: I found this to be extremely helpful for recommending cannabinoids.
11 Sep 2019 Social A changing spectrum of Hydralazine induced lupus? Several reports showing cases of the usual (pleuropericarditis, arthriti + Skin, +ANA) but also the unusual (ANA neg, ANCA/PR3/MPO positive, Bx proven nephritis and +ACL, +dsDNA)
10 Sep 2019 News Riociguat Fails in Systemic Sclerosis-Associated Digital Ulcers
09 Sep 2019 News Nintedanib FDA Approved for Scleroderma Lung Disease
09 Sep 2019 Social FDA Approves Ofev (nintedanib) for Interstitial Lung Disease Associated with Systemic Sclerosis or Scleroderma (SSc-ILD) PI:
03 Sep 2019 Social Drug use by #SLE patients during 376 pregnancies (284 women) was studied. HCQ was used in 24.2%, but was discontinued 17% in the year prior, 30% in 1st trimester, 10% in 2nd trimester & 26% in 3rd trimester. Education on utility of HCQ during Pred needed!
03 Sep 2019 Social Taiwanese matched cohort study shows that #SLE patients with acute MI have higher mortality rate and prolonged hospitalization after AMI. Aggressive control may decrease risk of AMI for SLE patients.
30 Aug 2019 Social Anifrolumab (anti-IFNa) was shown to be effective in its 2nd phase III trial in SLE - meeting its primary (BiCLA) endpoint at week 52, according to an Astra-Zeneca press release. Full data to be presented at an upcoming medical meeting.
29 Aug 2019 Social Among 312 Lupus patients, epilepsy seen in 36 (11.5%)- 30 had focal onset. Half had NPSLE. NPSLE + Epilepsy were more likely to have APS; and Cerebrovascular dz & psychosis were 2-3 fold higher (compare to NPSLE without epilepsy (p<0.001).
29 Aug 2019 Social RT @karen_kc123: I recently spoke with Rheumatology Advisor, where we discussed an important issue -the barriers in SLE diagnosis, care, an…