Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019


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14 May 2019 Social Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) were studied in 269 SLE registry (CLUES) pts and compared to California BRFSS controls. 63% had 1+ ACE & 19% had 4+ ACEs. Higher ACE levels assoc w/ worse patient-reported SLE activity, depression, and health status
14 May 2019 News Racial Disparities in Mortality Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
09 May 2019 News Calcineurin Inhibitors in Anti-Synthetase Dermatomyositis ILD
08 May 2019 News Biomarkers Predict Thrombosis in Lupus
07 May 2019 News Monocyte Patrolling Contributes to Lupus Glomerulonephritis
06 May 2019 Social Cohort study finds 6/420 (1.4%) of SLE patients had steroid induced pancreatitis is - half of them died. Lit review finds 451 lupus pancreatitis with majority developing pancreatitis w/in 3 days of medium-to-high dose steroids (mortality = 37.5%).
01 May 2019 Social Study of 14928 Autoimmune/Rheum Dz pts in UK Clinical Practice Research database found the influenza vaccination was not associated with arthritis flare or increase in PCP visits (actually lowered consultas for joint pain in following 90 days)
30 Apr 2019 Social Rheumatic disorder with hepatic origins/involvement include primary biliary cholangitis, autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, SLE/overlap, AOSD, Hemophagocytic syndrome.
30 Apr 2019 News High GPA Hospital Readmission Rates
30 Apr 2019 Social Full Read review of CLE - cutaneous lupus from Werth and colleagues at UPenn. Focused on new therapies and clinical trial issues.
30 Apr 2019 Social Pectus carinatum or "Pigeon Chest" is a chest wall deformity w/ costal cartilage overgrowth pushing forward the manubrium/sterum; predominantly males (4:1F) also @ risk for scoliosis, Marfans, valvular/aortic disease, psychologic problems
29 Apr 2019 Social Benlysta is approved for use in pediatric SLE based on the 80 pt PLUTO trial; 1 yr of PBO vs 10 mg/kg belimumab plus standard therapy. Results presented at ACR2018 shows BEL in pediatric SLE to be safe and effective (SRI4 resp 52.8% vs 43.6%).
26 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Ken Kalunian (New Criteria, Guidelines & Outcomes in Lupus)
23 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Paul Monach
23 Apr 2019 News Improved Survival in Lupus
23 Apr 2019 Social Should you check hydroxychloroquine levels in your #SLE patients? I do not but probably should in patients who are not in remission as nonadherence to HCQ may be as high as 50%. This is routinely available.
22 Apr 2019 Social Autoimmune dz is 4x more common in women. Studies in mice show females have increased expression of epidermal VGLL3 - known to drives proinflammatory gene expression cutaneous lupus, B cell expansion, auto-AB production, immune complex deposition.
19 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Richard Furie
18 Apr 2019 Slide of the day Comparison of Rhupus and RA
17 Apr 2019 News EULAR 2019 Update to Lupus Management