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17 Sep 2018 News New Classification of Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies
15 Sep 2018 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is Up! Gout deafness, PsA pregnancies, Lupus letdown, & as easy as Tyk-tac-to in Psoriasis. Watch here or Listen there= iTunes or
13 Sep 2018 News Depression Increases Risk of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
11 Sep 2018 Social AstraZeneca and MedImmune announced the TULIP 1 Phase III clinical trial of anifrolumab in 460 SLE pts, failed to meet its primary endpoint of reducing disease activity (SRI4) at 12 mos.
10 Sep 2018 News Interferon Blocker Disappoints in SLE
05 Sep 2018 News CRA Recommendations for Lupus Assessment and Monitoring
27 Aug 2018 Social US Senate Funds Lupus Research: including $5 million for Lupus Research Prg at Dept ofDefense, $7.5 mil for CDC National Lupus Registry, & $110 mill NIH lupus research 2019, $2 mill Minority Health's Natl Health Education Lupus Program
23 Aug 2018 News Outcomes of Systemic Sclerosis Hospitalization
22 Aug 2018 News IL-12 and IL-23 Promote Giant Cell Arteritis
21 Aug 2018 Social A multinational study of 1,545 SLE patients followed for a mean of 7+ years shows those with proteinuria incur 4 fold higher costs ($20k -->84K) & those with GFR < 30cc incur 15 fold higher costs. ($20k-->310K)
10 Aug 2018 Social Myositis and scleroderma specific autoantibodies, including anti-TIF1, anti-NXP2 and anti-RNA polymerase III, are very rare in patients with lung cancer without an autoimmune disease.
08 Aug 2018 Social Using HCQ levels and Pt Surveys to define adherence, Intl study of 305 SLE pts shows 18.4% of patients as severely nonadherent & 23.4% of patients as nonadherent. There was moderate agreement between questionnaires, drug level, and physician assessment
02 Aug 2018 News Ethnicity Matters in Sjogren's Syndrome
31 Jul 2018 News Statin Associated with an Increase in Inflammatory Myopathy
30 Jul 2018 News Type I Interferon Drives Photosensitivity in Cutaneous Lupus
26 Jul 2018 News Latin American Clinical Practice Guidelines for Lupus
23 Jul 2018 News Predicting Autoimmune Progression in ANA+ Patients
23 Jul 2018 Social Among 147 SLE patients from Denmark, half (74) had lupus nephritis (LN). LN pts with reduced renal function (<70cc/min) were 6 times more likely to have coronary artery calcifications and carotid plaque.
22 Jul 2018 Social Prevalence of Lupus has increased over 16 yrs; Canadian adminstrative claims data shows lupus 6x more common in women than men. From 2000–2015 incidence 4.43 per 100K population. 2015 prevalence was 90 per 100,000
21 Jul 2018 Social RT @Lupusdoc: Taking us another step towards having new drugs to treat #lupus; this is exciting news for patients @Kellgrencentre @Manchest…