Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019


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11 Dec 2016 Social Catastrophic antiphospholipid registry:500 pts, 30% SLE, death in 37%; renal 73%, lung 60%, half w/ CNS, heart, skin https://t.co/2FCFzsT3xf
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Bing Bingham lectures on immune/Rheum consequences of cancer immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI)
22 May 2017 Social Novel approach to autoimmune dz(AID): target inate immune responses to downregulate adaptive immunity & reverse AID https://t.co/W9i952SRDL
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrBhana: Screening recommendations for HCQ retinopathy #ACR17 https://t.co/3nmwkdfsn7
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: New real life treatment strategies for Systemic Sclerosis. I love MMF too! #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.co/M88uJZS097
29 Jan 2018 Social Of 1342 Scleroderma pts, 83% presented with Raynauds as 1st symptom (17% did not). Survival was different in RP+ vs RP-, 83 vs. 62% at 20 yrs, 71 vs. 50% at 30 yrs. Mortality highest in older, male, dcSSc subset, ILD, PAH, renal crisis, heart involvement. https://t.co/yJhHjz8UPl
11 Jun 2018 Social Analysis of 1463 childhood SLE pts shows 10% have a concomitant autoimmune disease (most being Hashimoto thyroiditis, antiphospholipid syndrome, autoimmune hepatitis, type 1 DM), but only 0.7% had 3 or more autoimmune Dz. https://t.co/3AtZTzWXS6
30 Jan 2019 Social 17.2% of 576 autoimmune pts had Mechanic hands: 50% MCTD; 35% DM; 15% PSS; 15% of UCTD; 14% Sjogren’s; NO SLE pts. 81% Mechanic+ had abnl capillaroscopy. DM w/ Mechanics had more Raynauds, Jo-1+ & abnl capillaroscopy https://t.co/igdTHUYmSj
12 Sep 2015 Social Dr Yazici lectures @ RAL mtg on Behcets. L moving from endemic/turkey to none endemic areas do better, less severe Dz
11 May 2016 Social The "Chewing Gum Test" confirms active GCA by inducing jaw claudication within 3 minutes of 1 chew per second. https://t.co/wt8oAU0w15
28 May 2015 Social Occupational exposure to silica & inorganic dusts was associated w/ a >30% incr risk of autoimmune disease in Sweden http://t.co/pBoYT3BtG6
13 Feb 2016 Social #RWCS 2016 Dr. Martin- Causes of Drug induced SCLE rash include PPI, thiazides, antibiotics, biologics or chemotherapeutics
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Tools for dx of Sjogrens in your office. A Baer, MD @RheumNow #SOTA2017 https://t.co/RoW7Ma68lI
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrBhana: Complementopathies #ACR17 https://t.co/3RmRa5UsVC
14 Jun 2018 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Both speakers at GCA session advocating for early use of Tocilizumab for GCA as steroid sparer. Dr john Stone doesn’t u…
25 Jun 2019 Social Study of 1224 SLE pts found 7% with neuropathies (PNS) w/ 2/3 attributable to SLE. 67% PNS occurred w/in 3 mos of SLE diagnosis. Periph. polyneuropathy was most common (43%). PNS pts were older, w/ higher SLEDAI-2K, Sjogrens, livedo, HTN, DM. https://t.co/G7l2GGbmgR
16 Sep 2015 Social MHRA warns that proton pump inhibitors may be assoc w/ subacute cutaneous lupus http://t.co/mgR5ExWuuh
12 Oct 2016 Social Cool MRI- case of lupus myelitis; 5 days BLE weakness, urinary retention, poorly controlled SLE. ESR 97, low C3 ^DNA https://t.co/UQIBpxwnLv
18 Jun 2015 Social RT @HealioRheum: #Children born to mothers with #antiphospholipid antibodies may have neurologic problems, #epilepsy: http://t.co/PEW7WhD2i…
05 Feb 2017 Social Metanalysis of lupus & Rx adherence shows 43-75%, of patients are non-adherent, & 1/3 stop theray after 5 yrs. https://t.co/Fpzqux0zY4