Friday, 18 Oct 2019


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06 Nov 2017 Social RT @WShergy: Lupus patients have an increased risk of clinically significant sleep disturbances. acr2017 @rheumnow#1649…
30 Apr 2018 Social Diffuse scleroderma and who are positive for RNA polymerase III autoantibodies (antipol), have a 3 yr risk of cancer that is notably high, SIR=3.13 (95% CI 2.03-4.62, P<0.001)
27 Aug 2018 Social US Senate Funds Lupus Research: including $5 million for Lupus Research Prg at Dept ofDefense, $7.5 mil for CDC National Lupus Registry, & $110 mill NIH lupus research 2019, $2 mill Minority Health's Natl Health Education Lupus Program
02 Jan 2019 Social Eli Lilly has announced that FDA has granted Fast Track designation to baricitinib, to be studied for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). This drug is NOT FDA approved for lupus
30 Apr 2019 Social Rheumatic disorder with hepatic origins/involvement include primary biliary cholangitis, autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, SLE/overlap, AOSD, Hemophagocytic syndrome.
08 Aug 2016 Social Open article review of neurologic manifestations of vasculitis (GCA, Takayasus, PAN, GPA) & connective tissue dz.
25 Jul 2016 Social Ped lupus: urine biomarkers NGAL, ceruloplasmin, MCP1, adiponectin, hemopexin, KIM-1 correlates with lupus nephritis
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @uptoTate: Angiogenesis, # of VEGF-exp cells, + TVIS higher in early-phase DM vs PM fascia (not muscle) #ACR17 @RheumNow #2132 https://t…
17 May 2018 Social Study of 127 cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE), without SLE; risk factors for coexistent autoimmune Dz if: White (OR 2.9), never smokers (OR 3.3), +FHx autoimmunity (OR 3.54), +ANA (OR 4.9).
14 Oct 2019 Social Comparison of 69 SLE pts w/ C/S+ infection vs 69 SLE without infx shows that serum procalitonin did not distinguish those w/ infection, BUT C-reactive protein did successfully identify those SLE patients with infection
12 Aug 2015 Social Superb review of the pathogenesis of cutaneous lupus by Werth & Actman.
06 Apr 2017 Social Statin Necrotizing myopathy review 100 pts, 65yrs, CK 6853, 100% HMG-CoA reductase Ab+, most on DMARDs
12 May 2017 Social Periph nervous syst Dz in SLE 18%:Polyneuropathy (37%), mononeuropathy (24%), cranial N & myasthenia (7.5%), GBS (1%)
20 Oct 2017 Social Dr Michelle Petri on the many benefits of plaquenil. But SLEPts only 50% compliant with. hCQ. #APLAR2017
26 Apr 2016 Social Cardiac involvement found in 15-20% of myositis but not dependent on myositis activity. Assess @dx & periodically.
21 Nov 2015 Social 5 ways to use Plaquenil better, smarter. safer in #Lupus. Great blog by Dr. Don Thomas.
30 Aug 2016 Social Dr. Langford says that finding a +ANCA by IIF, but w/ negative PR3, can be vasculitis, but may also be infection (ie, TB, endocarditis, etc)
27 Apr 2015 Social Hispanic and Asian #ethnicity in #lupus may lower mortality #BWH #rheum 
29 Nov 2016 Social #ACR16 UCSF study shows #Lupus pts affected by poverty have greater organ damage vs not poor (1.97 vs 1.34). Ab#1958
15 May 2017 Social UCSF Moffit: Pericardial effusion (CHF) may be a risk factor for renal crisis.