Thursday, 21 Sep 2017


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25 Jul 2017 News Tubulointerstitial Damage in Lupus Predicts ESRD Progression
24 Jul 2017 News Benlysta FDA Approved for Sub-Q Use in Lupus
22 Jul 2017 Social FDA approves self-injectable Benlysta (belimumab) for systemic lupus erythematosus
21 Jul 2017 News Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases are Not Rare in HIV Patients
20 Jul 2017 News Adverse Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Lupus - and Pre-Lupus Too
20 Jul 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: Presence of germinal centers on labial gland biopsy in SjS is not asssociated with risk of MALToma @…
18 Jul 2017 News Cumulative Genetic Hit Hypothesis for Lupus
17 Jul 2017 News Long-Term Additive Cardiovascular Benefit of Plaquenil and Aspirin in Lupus
12 Jul 2017 News Alveolar Hemorrhage in Lupus Needs Prompt Evaluation
11 Jul 2017 News Managing Secondary Non-Response to Rituximab in Lupus
10 Jul 2017 News Lymphopenia and Steroids Increase the Risk of Pneumocystis Jiroveci in Systemic Rheumatic Diseases
27 Jun 2017 News Breastfeeding Rates Lower in Lupus
01 Jun 2017 Social SLE Mononeuritis multiplex: 2/3 active w/ SLEDAI≥6, w/ sensory, motor & neuropathic pain, BL, lower > upper limbs
01 Jun 2017 Social Scleroderma Lung Study I/II CTX and MMF were assoc w/ signif reductin in skin thickness compared to PB)O @2yrs
25 May 2017 Social RT @AJKDonline: #OpenAccess Induction & Maintenance Immunosuppression Treatment of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis: A Meta-Analysis https://t…
22 May 2017 Social RT @RheumNow: Clues for lymphoma in Sjogrens? Fever, Wt loss, cytopenia, LN, parotitis, purpura, low C3/C4, Cryos & splenomegaly. http://t.…
22 May 2017 Social Novel approach to autoimmune dz(AID): target inate immune responses to downregulate adaptive immunity & reverse AID
22 May 2017 Social FDA approves Actemra as 1st approved drug to treat Giant Cell Arteritis. See RheumNow Tomorrow for full report.
20 May 2017 Social Dr Phillip Seo on HSP criteria: palp pupura /petechiae W/ one of- 1) arthralgia/Iris 2) renal 3) abd pain or 4) LCV or GN w/ IgA deposition
20 May 2017 Social Dr Erkan says secondary THROMBOSIS prevention- Venous-rx warfarin keep INR 2-3; Arterial - warfarin keep INR 2-3 + ASA, or INR 3-4 w/o ASA