Wednesday, 18 Jul 2018


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04 Jun 2018 News Long Term Remission in SLE is Possible?
31 May 2018 News Ustekinumab: A Novel Intervention in Giant Cell Arteritis
27 May 2018 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up-- Hot news on CIRT, OP, MPO & what SLE will and wont do. Checkout podcast on iTUnes or here
25 May 2018 Social Registry of 509 women with SLE had 719 children showed that compared to matched controls, children born to mothers with SLE had No greater risk of a systemic rheumatic autoimmune diagnoses.
23 May 2018 News MPO Antibodies Predict Relapses in MPO-ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
22 May 2018 Social Not all that clear what is the best PFT for pts w/ Scleroderma Lung Disease, Some prefer the FVC, while others advocate for the DLCO or TLC. Do all 3!
17 May 2018 Social Study of 127 cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE), without SLE; risk factors for coexistent autoimmune Dz if: White (OR 2.9), never smokers (OR 3.3), +FHx autoimmunity (OR 3.54), +ANA (OR 4.9).
14 May 2018 Social Study of 148 SLE women shows obesity to be independently associated with worse disease activity, depressive symptoms, and symptoms of pain and fatigue. Obesity may be a modifiable target in SLE.
14 May 2018 Social Lupus and diabetes have similar CVD risk; Claims data study of Medicaid pts shows SLE pts receive less lipids testing (66% less) & less likely to fill a statin Rx (82% less than DM; 11% less than Nl Pop)
08 May 2018 News Severity of Lupus Nephritis is Declining over Time
07 May 2018 News Mortality Risks Shift in Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis
04 May 2018 Social RheumNow Week in Review is up - Why is Comorbidity like the weather? SLE, FDA, EMA, protective TNFi and cause of Stills disease. or listent to the podcast here
30 Apr 2018 Social Diffuse scleroderma and who are positive for RNA polymerase III autoantibodies (antipol), have a 3 yr risk of cancer that is notably high, SIR=3.13 (95% CI 2.03-4.62, P<0.001)
30 Apr 2018 Social Betw 2000-2015, there were 28,411 female deaths with SLE. For females SLE ranked 10th for 15-24 yrs; 14th for 25-34 yrs; 14th for 35-44 yrs and 15th for 10-14 yrs.
29 Apr 2018 Social 125 SLE pts were hospitalized w/ 187 serious infxn. Pulmonary (37.9%), sepsis (22.5%) & Gram-negatives (38.2%) dominated. Predictors of Infx-related mortality- SLE flare (HR 3.98) & bacteremia (HR 2.54); HCQ was protective of infx mortality (HR 9.26).
28 Apr 2018 Social Study of 537 GCA pts undergoing temporal artery bx shows the value of CBC elements in predicting a +Bx: Thrombocytosis (OR 4.44), NLR (OR 1.81), PLR (OR 3.25), CRP (OR 3.00), ESR (OR 3.62), increased age (OR 1.03)
26 Apr 2018 Social UCSF study of 807 lupus pts shows that poverty is associated with a 2 fold increased risk of mortality in SLE pts, does so by increasing the extent of damage accumulation. Poor who died lived 13.9 fewer years.
25 Apr 2018 News Fixed and Tailored Rituximab Regimens Equal in ANCA Associated Vasculitis
25 Apr 2018 Social Review of 84 pts with large vessel vasculitis shows that MRA and PET contribute complementary information. MRA better captures disease extent, and PET scan is better suited to assess vasculitis activity.
24 Apr 2018 News Lupus Subgroup Responds to Anti-CD22