Friday, 15 Dec 2017


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31 Oct 2017 News Death Rates from Lupus Remain Disproportionately High
30 Oct 2017 News Necroptosis Drives Netosis and ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
23 Oct 2017 Social RT @PACC_LA: Protect your skin!!! Step Into Sunshine | RheumNow - Rheumatology News & Information
23 Oct 2017 Social ANCA Assoc Vasculitis has increased malignancy risk that has decreased w/ better Tx and less CTX use.
20 Oct 2017 Social Dr Munther Khamashta #APLAR2017 on Catastrophic APS seen in 0.8% of APS pts.
20 Oct 2017 Social Low vitamin D predicts poor renal out comes in SLE, and vit D replacement can reduce THROMBOSIS. #APLAR2017. Dr. Pe…
20 Oct 2017 Social Dr Michelle Petri on the many benefits of plaquenil. But SLEPts only 50% compliant with. hCQ. #APLAR2017
19 Oct 2017 Social From a large registry of Catastrophic APS shows the trends in how pts are being treated. #APLAR2017
19 Oct 2017 Social Recovery from Catastrophic APS is 63%with best Tx bring combo anticoagulation + steroids+ plasma exchange + IVIG.…
19 Oct 2017 Social Deaths from catastrophic APS is down from 50% to 37% with earlier Dx and Rx. #APLAR2017
19 Oct 2017 Social Most common organ system involved in Catastrophic APS is abdominal/renal followed by pulmonary. #APLAR2017
19 Oct 2017 Social Nearly half Catastrophic APS triggered by infections. Much less are surgery, SLE, stopping anticoagulants.…
19 Oct 2017 Social Criteria for catastrophic APS include APL (B2GP1 LAC &ACL Abs). Need 3/4 for probable dx. #APLAR2017
19 Oct 2017 Social Dr Munther Khamashta at #APLAR2017 lecturing on Catastrophic APS - seen in 0.8% of APS pts.
19 Oct 2017 Social Catastrophic APS occurs in 0.8% of APS pts. Munther Khamashta at #APLAR2017. It's a Small vessel disease
18 Oct 2017 Blog Step Into Sunshine
17 Oct 2017 Blog Across the Table: Cush & Erkan on Antiphospholipid Syndrome
11 Oct 2017 Social Uveitis may occur in adults (@26yrs) after a JIA onset (9 yrs). 19pts reviewed; 79% Rx topicals; 89% on systemic Rx
09 Oct 2017 News BSR Guidelines on Lupus Management
04 Oct 2017 News IBD Associated with Increased risk of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases