Friday, 20 Oct 2017


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16 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow porcupine inhibitor GNF6231 targeting WNT signaling shows promising results in treatment of skin fibrosis https://…
14 Apr 2017 Social Anabasum is a oral endocannabinoid-mimetic binds to CB2 receptor, will enter a phase III trial in Systemic sclerosis
13 Apr 2017 Social RT @HealioRheum: Calabrese provides a diagnostic update for central nervous system vasculitis
12 Apr 2017 Social RheumNow 5Q survey on if PATIENTS will use BIOSIMILARS. Please vote if youre a patient w/ #RA, #PsA, #PSO, #AS, #IBD
11 Apr 2017 News Stroke Risk Highest in the First Year of Lupus
10 Apr 2017 News Hydroxychloroquine Underperforms in a Cutaneous Lupus Trial
08 Apr 2017 Social RT @HealioRheum: .@LCalabreseDO on CNS vasculitis diagnosis: "Brain biopsy is underutilized and is a valuable but imperfect diagnostic tool…
07 Apr 2017 Social Dr Cappelli The arthritis is seronegative, often large joints lower>upper extrm, some Reactive, erosions can occur, long after chemo stops
07 Apr 2017 Social Dr Cappelli Rheumatic AE w/ checkpoint inhibitors include Sicca Sx, inflamm arthritis, PMR, GCA, myositis, lupus nephritis, PsA, Pso
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr Torgerson Complement deficiency in SLE: C2 40% homozytotes get lupus GN; C4 - 75% get GN; C1q/r/s def 90% get SLE or GN, usually young
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr Troy Togerson humans make 100 billion PMNs qd, live ~6.5 hrs, removed by complement and phagocytes. "Neutrophils live fast and die hard"
06 Apr 2017 Social Statin Necrotizing myopathy review 100 pts, 65yrs, CK 6853, 100% HMG-CoA reductase Ab+, most on DMARDs
01 Apr 2017 Social Sm (<30%) & dsDNA (99%)have same sensitivity & specificity. Sm assoc w/ #criteria, CNS, renal; correl w/ proteinuria
29 Mar 2017 Social p155/p140 Abs shown to have high association with Cancer associated myositis. Dr. Manger #TargetedTherapies
22 Mar 2017 Social Color Doppler US in 79 SSc pts: CDUS findings assoc w/ Incr CRP, ⩾20 pk-yrs smoking, male, digital ulcers pulp scars
21 Mar 2017 News Lupus Hepatitis and Lupoid Hepatitis Reviewed
09 Mar 2017 Social IgG4 related Skin Dz:red/itchy plaques, subcut nodules/papules, Pso-like lesions,Palp purpura, urticarial vasculitis
08 Mar 2017 News Targeting CD11b as Treatment for Lupus
08 Mar 2017 Social ANCA-assoc vasculitis pts who are chronic carriers of nasal Staph aureus have more relapses vs noncarriers(15% v 2%)
06 Mar 2017 News Meta-analysis Reveals Numerous Pregnancy Complications Associated with Lupus