Friday, 23 Aug 2019


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17 Jun 2019 Social Dr. Dinesh Khanna discusses the pulmonary outcomes of tocilizumab is systemic sclerosis (focuSSed trial). #EULAR2019 OP0245
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Key phenotypic features of Sjogrens Syndrome and the new classification criteria. A. Baer, MD @RheumNow #SOTA2017 https:/…
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @isa75012: Another reason to remember Asherson. Name author on lots of research on APS and CAPS. #ACR17
17 Sep 2015 Social DrPetryna A study reveals Female patients with #Polymyositis may suffer from subclinical ovarian dysfunction.
26 Jul 2016 Social CHMP has recommended abatacept for 1st line use (before MTX) in moderate to severe RA. EMA to consider approval
16 Nov 2016 Social RT @rachelthuston: Key US findings in GCA per #OMERACT #ACR16 @RheumNow
10 Nov 2017 Social RT @isa75012: PulmHTN and ILD now leading cause of death in #scleroderma #GR
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: checkpoint inhibitor-related myositis has unique phenotype - myocarditis, myasthenia gravis-like symptoms abstract #2976…
18 Mar 2019 Social European Commission Approves MabThera (rituximab) for use in Pemphigus, US FDA approved it in 6/18; RTX is now approved in 4 autoimmune disorders in the US & Europe (RA, GPA, MPA, Pemphigus) - Not approved for use in children
30 Jul 2019 Social Cohort study shows ACE inhib. in Systemic Sclerosis at Dx was assoc w/ increased risk for Scleroderma Renal Crisis (SRC). Military System EHR study of 31 SRC to 332 non-SRC & found ACEi assoc w/ SRC (OR 4.1; CI 1.6–10.2) only in presence of proteinuria
30 Apr 2016 Social Late onset SLE (>50yrs) patients have less cutaneous dz (malar rash, photosensitivity, livedo) but more Sicca Sx
07 Feb 2017 Social Belimumab RCTs shows promising renal effects. 55% improved renal outcomes, 71% improved proteinura, renal flare=1.7%
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Granulomas: macs, T cells and dendritic cells necessary for formation. Dr. Weyand @RheumNow #SOTA2017…
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: Anti NXP-2 antibodies identify 85% of those with cancer associated dermatomyositis #ACR17 @rheumnow…
12 Oct 2015 Social Famous faces with #Lupus: Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon, Toni Braxton, Seal, Flannery O'Connor, Megyn Kelly
12 Apr 2018 Social Study of 150 SLE pts shows that fracture risk is increased with age, body mass index, fat mass, smoking, and rheumatoid arthritis.
20 Jul 2018 Social Lancet article - Baricitinib 4 mg (not 2mg) shown to be effective in SLE. After 24 weeks SLEDAI-2K responses were Bari 4 mg 67% vs 53% PB0.
16 Apr 2019 Social Immunomonitoring with microarrays from the SLE PROMISE pregnancy study shows that adverse outcomes (preeclampsia) can be identified by quantifying plasma cell, interferon and neutrophil RNA levels during the pregnancy
30 Aug 2016 Social Dr. Langford: Bactrim (TMP/SMX) may be used for isolated upper airway dz; never used alone for severe GPA disease (eg, glomerulonephritis)
15 Jul 2015 Social Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy reviewed:Posterior uveitis w/ diffuse post. choroidopathy, vitritis & retinal vasculitis