Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018


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01 Mar 2018 News Diet During Pregnancy May Influence Future Allergic or Autoimmune Disease
26 Feb 2018 Social RT @Lupusdoc: #lupusmomentmonday In spite of everything there has been no major downward trend in #steroid use in…
23 Feb 2018 News Shorter Steroid Courses Effective in ANCA+ Vasculitis
21 Feb 2018 News Are ANA Tests Unreliable?
12 Feb 2018 Social Although epratuzumab (anti-CD22 MAb) failed in SLE in two phase III clinical trials, subanalyses show that pts w/ secondary Sjogrens who were SSA positive (7.1% of 1584 enrolled) where more likely to have a BICLA response and decreases in B cells and IgM.
10 Feb 2018 Social Dr Anne Stevens #RWCS - cocaine levamisole causes an autoimmune syndrome with thrombotic vasculopathy with purpura - not vasculitis
09 Feb 2018 Social Dr. Hahn on the cost of lupus drug therapy, the last 2(RTX, CTX) are just infusion costs. You need to add drug costs. #RWCS
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Questions about steroids for LN. Dr. Hahn #RWCS @RheumNow
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @alvinwellsmd: Dr. Bevra Hahn gives a political review of insurance in regards to SLE at the RWCS 2018
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @alvinwellsmd: Dr Hahn says it is time to treat to target in SLE!
09 Feb 2018 Social Dr. Bevra Hahn - high vs love dose cytoxan have requested outcomes in lupus nephritis #RWCS 2018
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: FDA approved Zilretta, extended release triamcinolone, may be a good option for DM patients. Drs. Wells and Troum #RWCS @Rheu…
09 Feb 2018 Social Dr Bevra Hahn survival of renal transplant in lupus is good, 80+% at 5yrs. #RWCS
09 Feb 2018 Social Kahuna Dr Bevra Hahn, while 5, 10, 20 yr survival in lupus has improved, it's plateaued since 1990. There's still more to do. #RWCS
07 Feb 2018 News Nailfold Capillaroscopy Portends Prognosis in Systemic Sclerosis
05 Feb 2018 Social Metanalysis of 7 RCTs and 655 SLE patients shows no difference in remission rates & efficacy between low and high dose CTX regimens, but more infections and menstrual problems with high dose CTX
03 Feb 2018 Social RT @lupuscyclopedia: Know anyone with #lupus who speaks Spanish?: tell them about- "Hablemos de Lupus" A... https…
02 Feb 2018 Social RT @DrPetryna: Decreased methylation of type I interferon-regulated genes along with multiple other DMCs observed in SLE. Longitudinal stud…
01 Feb 2018 News Poor Prognosis of the MDA-5 Antibody in Dermatomyositis
31 Jan 2018 News Inefficacy of Immunosuppressive Treatments in Systemic Sclerosis with ILD