Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017


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16 Nov 2016 Social RT @rachelthuston: UA, prognostic indicator for AAV renal dz relapse? Hematuria, not proteinuria, important #ACR16 @RheumNow…
16 Nov 2016 Social RT @rachelthuston: aPL-Abs: subgroup GCA pts with severe visual manifestations + extracranial large vessel disease? #ACR16 @RheumNow https:…
16 Nov 2016 Social RT @DrPetryna: #ACR16 Novel a-FHL1 antibody found in 25% of myositis patients predicts poor prognosis @RheumNow
01 Nov 2016 News Lymphotoxin B and Adipose Derived Stromal Cells Regulate Skin Fibrosis in Scleroderma
28 Oct 2016 News Is There a Familial Risk to Scleroderma?
28 Oct 2016 Social Congrats to Dr Kerstin Nündel & U Mass;recipients of $500K grant from Lupus Res Alliance to study Bcells, TLR9, AXL
26 Oct 2016 News Kawasaki Disease Pathogenesis Hinges on Interleukin-1
24 Oct 2016 Social RT @NatRevNeph: In our November issue: Scleroderma renal crisis and renal involvement in systemic #sclerosis https:…
24 Oct 2016 Social Type I diabetes is often assoc w/ other autoimmune Dz, includying Hashimotos, celiac sprue, Graves, RA, vitiligo
21 Oct 2016 News Early Intervention with Corticosteroids and IVIG is Crucial in Kawasaki Disease
20 Oct 2016 Social NEJM: asymetric nasal/malar rash involving the nasolabial fold. Bx showed DLE. HCQ improved it but scarring remains
20 Oct 2016 News Higher Lupus Disease Activity in First Year Postpartum
20 Oct 2016 News Good News for Lupus Pregnancies
19 Oct 2016 Social The biggest problem w/ ANA tests is not what the results mean (usually nothing); but rather why was it drawn. ANA is not a diagnostict test.
17 Oct 2016 News Low-Molecular Weight Heparin Does Not Reduce Pregnancy Complications
13 Oct 2016 Social What to do when pop. studies confound common sense? Taiwan study shows 25 fold higher risk of ALS in polymyositis??
12 Oct 2016 Social Cool MRI- case of lupus myelitis; 5 days BLE weakness, urinary retention, poorly controlled SLE. ESR 97, low C3 ^DNA
12 Oct 2016 News Michelle Petri Reviews New Therapies for Lupus
10 Oct 2016 Social Endocannabinoid, Resunab (JBT-101), in a clinical trial for scleroderma. It decreases TGF-B & collagen
09 Oct 2016 Social Mayo study of incident Sarcoidosis shows 3 fold higher risk of Venous thrombosis & 4 fold risk of pulm embolism.