Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019


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22 Oct 2018 Social RT @NicoleBitencou5: In the largest study of #pregnancies in pts with #SLE in the US, a decline in maternal mortality and fetal death from…
22 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Kathryn Dao: The Great Debate
22 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Jonathan Kay: The Great Debate on Hydroxychloroquine
21 Oct 2018 News The Great Debate: Plaquenil - Choosing Safety over Efficacy?
21 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Janet Pope: Scleroderma Treatment Studies
13 Oct 2018 Social Study of Nailfold capillaroscopy (1600 images, 173 pts) by experts suggests that its is best to examine all 8 fingers, excluding thumbs. Sensitivity 8 fingers=75%; 4 fingers (ring,middle)=67%; 2 ring fingers=60%; 1 finger 32%-47% https://t.co/w3QOYEBNpg
12 Oct 2018 News Teenage Obesity Increases Lupus Risk
12 Oct 2018 Social SLE Study of 77 persistent ED users (1143 encounters) vs 52 limited ED (335) finds Pain-related ED visits more common w/ persistent users (32%) than limited (18%). Persistent users with pain encounters were more obese, with fewer comorbid, be on LTOT. https://t.co/ApUjIxcZXw
11 Oct 2018 News SLE-Scleroderma Overlap Outcomes
04 Oct 2018 Social 131 CTD Chinese pts with severe thrombocytopenia (P<20K) finds it mostly in Sjogrens (53%) & SLE (41%); 73% had bleeding, 37% resp to steroids or IVIG, another 22% responded to immunosuppressives.11 died; 8 from hemorrhage. Is this a Chinese Thing? https://t.co/aOlM1SvK93
04 Oct 2018 Social Gene expression analysis from Scleroderma endothelial cells shows gene expression associated with vascular injury & activation, extracellular matrix generation & negative regulation of angiogenesis. HSPG2 and APLNR were 2 top markers of EC injury in SSc https://t.co/ni2fHPDEAX
03 Oct 2018 News Excess Mortality in CTD or Systemic Vasculitis Patients
27 Sep 2018 Social Study from the UT Southwestern Cutaneous Lupus Registry; 129 pts w/ Cutaneous Lupus had 18% risk of other autoimmune disease - inclding 5% w/ autoimmune thyroid disease. ~3-5x Higher risk if white, never smokers, +FHx autoimmune Dz, +ANA https://t.co/mA9y7qLEQe
26 Sep 2018 Social Sjogrens syndrome patients with Biopsy‐Proven Small‐Fiber Neuropathy may be distinguished by being male, w/ decreased freq of anti-Ro Abs, more likely Rx w/ opioids, presenting w/ non‐stocking‐and‐glove pain https://t.co/Uk8zSbkqaK
25 Sep 2018 News Mortality Improves in Lupus ESRD
24 Sep 2018 Slide of the day Utility of Common Rheumatic Tests
24 Sep 2018 News Ustekinumab May be Effective in Lupus
19 Sep 2018 News An Association between GCA and IBD ?
18 Sep 2018 News Breast Implant Study: More Worries or Not?
18 Sep 2018 Social Galectin-9: an easy measure of IFN signature in SLE, Galectin-9, CXCL-10 & TNF-RII measured SLE, SLE+APS, primary APS; All correlated with Dz activity and Galectin-9 was better than dsDNA, CXCL-10 or TNF-RII in correlating w/ IFN score (r=0.70, p<0.001). https://t.co/yMsHIJxhQN