Friday, 27 Mar 2020

Biologic/Novel Rx

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11 Dec 2014 Slide of the day Approved Biologics in RA
04 Feb 2015 News Wait a minute: how much to develop a new drug?
04 Feb 2015 News Psoriatic Arthritis Has a New FDA Approved DMARD - Apremilast
28 Apr 2015 Social Apremilast significantly improves Behcets oral ulcers & pain in a NEJM RCT of 111 pts
29 Apr 2015 Social Platelet counts were good biomarker in ANCA-assoc Vasculitis, correlating w/ BVAS (r=0.582) & distinguishing infx 
30 Apr 2015 Social Negative RCT of RTX vs PBO in pts w/ ITP (PLT<30k) on background steroids. No difference in response or relapse rates 
01 May 2015 Blog Hot Stuff from the Cleveland Clinic Biologic Therapies Summit – Part I
02 May 2015 Social Are you Biosimilar Bonkers? Heres as collection of Reports, forecasts etc. 
04 May 2015 Social Nonadherence to biologic Rx shown to yield poorer responses, lower DAS scores, even in 27% who admitted nonadherence 
04 May 2015 Blog Hot Stuff Part II: Current Status and Recommendations on Vaccines and Biologics
05 May 2015 News Real World Biologic Success in Systemic JIA
06 May 2015 News FDA Outlines its Guidance for Biosimilars
07 May 2015 Blog Hot Stuff Part III: Zoster and Biologics: Special Considerations
07 May 2015 News Is There a Standout When Comparing Novel Therapies?
07 May 2015 News The Risk of Listeriosis in RA
11 May 2015 News Zoster Risk is Similar Among Different MOA Biologics
14 May 2015 News Economic Impact of Biosimilars
14 May 2015 Social From lab--> marketed drug: $1.7bil, 12 yrs, 25,000 compounds from lab, 25 human tested, 5 approved, but 1 recoups $$
14 May 2015 Social RT @US_FDA: New guidance from FDA to help manufacturers develop more treatment options with biosimilars.
20 May 2015 News A Microneedle Pill as an Alternative to Injectable Drug