Friday, 03 Apr 2020

Biologic/Novel Rx

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15 Jul 2015 Social New Phase 1/2 trials of FPA008, a CSF1 receptor Ab, initiated for Rx of pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS).
19 Jul 2015 News IL-1 Inhibition May Be an Alternative Treatment for Behcet's
23 Jul 2015 News Rituximab Induced Serum Sickness
03 Aug 2015 Slide of the day Listeriosis and Biologics
06 Aug 2015 News Heel Pain, Uveitis, TB, Vitamin D, Hidradenitis: July 2015 top social media news
06 Aug 2015 Social FDA reviews Postmarketing Requirements and Commitments: how and where Reports are filed
11 Aug 2015 Social Tapering Biologic Tx Likely to Fail When ultrasound detected Synovitis Is Present
11 Aug 2015 Social Limited pilot study at Yale shows tofacitinib to be rapidly effective in Eczema patients
12 Aug 2015 News Rituximab Induced Neutropenia
17 Aug 2015 News Alemtuzumab Effective in Behcet's Syndrome
17 Aug 2015 Social Hemophagocytic syndr rarely complicates biologic Rx; review of 30 pts shows systemic infection to be main risk factor
20 Aug 2015 Social RT @ronfvv: #Lancet study: working hard increases risk for #stroke - but abslute risk increase is minute. Won't stop me. :-)…
23 Aug 2015 News Amgen Agrees to $71 Million Settlement over Enbrel & Aranesp Promotion
27 Aug 2015 Social Review of immunogenicity and biologic agents. (does this make you think you should monitor Anti-Drug Abs?)
27 Aug 2015 Social JAMA quiz: 30yoF w/ polyarthralgia, fatigue, no swelling/AMS. +ANA 1:80. Is it RA, Lupus, Nothing or from Thyroid dz
28 Aug 2015 Social FDA issues guidance document- Nonproprietary Naming of Biological Products (includes biosimilars)
31 Aug 2015 Social Anakinra is effective when colchicine fails in Familial Mediterranean Fever.
01 Sep 2015 News Valeant Acquires Brodalumab from Astra-Zeneca
01 Sep 2015 Social Is there a role for IVIG management? Infx or biologic contraindicated pts, vasculitis, Stills, rhupus, overlap?
01 Sep 2015 Social Great review of JAK inhibitor. TOFA inhib JAK1 & JAK3, expression of Stat1 genes; targets dendritic, Th1,Th17, Bcells