Friday, 21 Feb 2020

Biologic/Novel Rx

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09 Sep 2015 Social Despite evidence of efficacy, NICE has denied biologic DMARDs to UK RA pts with moderately active disease
09 Sep 2015 Social Control Rx in biologic RCTs in RA deemed not acceptable in the context of usual care & may be unethical.
21 Sep 2015 Slide of the day Effect of Biologic Therapy
22 Sep 2015 Social Calprotectin levels, but not CRP or ESR, is better correlated w/ outcomes in tocilizumab Rx RA patients
22 Sep 2015 Social OCTAVE studies shows tofacitinib 10 mg bid to be effective in treating moderate to severe ulcerative colitis
23 Sep 2015 News Biosimilar SB4 Performs Equally to Etanercept
28 Sep 2015 News Dr. Woodcock Gives Senate FDA Update on Biosimilars
16 Oct 2015 Social Only 25% EU MDs have used biosimilars (concerns re:safety), Forecast only 17% will use biosimilars in next 3 yrs
19 Oct 2015 Social Once a day JAK inhibitor Baricitinib is superior to adalimumab in RA RCT.
19 Oct 2015 Social Here's a primer on Biosimilars, interchangibility and current issues under FDA review.
23 Oct 2015 Social Pretreatment CRP or IL-6 levels are not predictive of responses to tocilizumab
04 Nov 2015 News Biosimilars and the FDA
11 Nov 2015 Social Dr Paul Emery on video at RheumNow, discussing biosimilars. Live from #ACR15
12 Nov 2015 Social Samsung Bioepis biosimilar portfolio (#ACR15): SB2 infliximab; SB4 etanercept; SB5 adalimumab, SB3 herceptin
12 Nov 2015 Social In CORRONA RA registry from 2003-2012, biologic use rose from 32 to 51%, & mechanicial devices dropped 41 to 31%.
13 Nov 2015 News Is Baricitinib Really Better Than Adalimumab in RA: Trial Results Reviewed
15 Nov 2015 News Pharmacy Benefit Managers at Odds with Specialty Pharmacies
17 Nov 2015 News Tocilizumab & Abatacept Effective in Giant Cell Arteritis
18 Nov 2015 Social In Tocilizumab Rx pts, Calprotectin best reflects Dz activity (than ESR, CRP) & is not dependent on TCZ drug levels
18 Nov 2015 News SB4 - A Second Biosimilar Up For Review in Europe