Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Biologic/Novel Rx

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06 Nov 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: Here’s a list of other biologics being trialed in GCA. An exciting time #acr17 @RheumNow https://t.co/nqNtRHSSni
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Stefan Rose-John knocks down vitals of cis/trans IL6 signaling at #ACR17- Rheum’s need 2 know! @HealioRheum @Actemra @iKe…
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @HealioRheum: Maternal #biologic use did not increase risk for opportunistic infections in #newborns https://t.co/1Iaj1awDK0 #ACR17 http…
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: Impressive result for Mepolizumab in EGPA #ACR17 @rheumnow https://t.co/YhqvGLwpMu
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @WIRheum: Great debate: patient and provider preferences around biosimilar use from @RheumNow survey #ACR17 https://t.co/MgBXZ9gyeV
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @WIRheum: Great Debate "No evidence" that biosimilar is non-inferior to originator #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.co/mHyoGF4ULS
05 Nov 2017 Social Year in Review. Dan Solomon reviews and shows no cancer risk with Biologics. #ACR17 https://t.co/wra8tf1viY
05 Nov 2017 News BMS Featured Presentations from ACR 2017
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: Reminder slide re Biologics & which diseases they work in #ACR17 https://t.co/4ClkyiqdkO
23 Oct 2017 News Biosimilars Projected to Yield $54 Billion in Savings
23 Oct 2017 Social H Zoster inactive vaccine Shingrix FDA approved for use in adults >50yrs, >90% protection, 2 shots 2 mos apart https://t.co/c5uT04AtOw
20 Oct 2017 Social RT @emartinmola: High ‘nocebo’ effect observed when patients knowingly switch to a biosimilar https://t.co/IenWgRZUQL
18 Oct 2017 Social In a transition/switch study, SB2(infliximab biosimilar) was equal in efficacy & safety to ref infliximab for 78 wks https://t.co/qSnIoJuTG9
18 Oct 2017 Social Janssen halts anti-IL6 sirukumab development citing FDA rejection and need for more clinical data. https://t.co/3SLehEbLO0
16 Oct 2017 Social RT @USMerckProducts: Biosimilars are a new development in biologic medicines. To learn more, visit: https://t.co/mzo2DfBqKU https://t.co/TT…
11 Oct 2017 Social Multicenter study of135 JIA pts who stopped biologic - 76% flared; more if W/D tried before 2 years of remission. https://t.co/Fn0YXPUGkO
05 Oct 2017 News Patterns of Biologic Use During Autoimmune Pregnancy
25 Sep 2017 News Sirukumab Turned Down by FDA
20 Sep 2017 News Rituximab Efficacy in IgG4 Related Disease
20 Sep 2017 Social Pfizer takes Janssen to Court over infliximab competitive contracting practices ; claiming they are being "boxed out"https://t.co/JjVrLQGFia