Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

Biologic/Novel Rx

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20 Sep 2017 News Rituximab Efficacy in IgG4 Related Disease
20 Sep 2017 Social Pfizer takes Janssen to Court over infliximab competitive contracting practices ; claiming they are being "boxed out"
13 Sep 2017 Social Sandoz announces FDA will review its biosimilar version of rituximab
11 Sep 2017 News Jak Inhibition May Ameliorate Pruritus
08 Sep 2017 News Biologic Use in Adult-Onset Still's Disease
07 Sep 2017 Social An approved biosimilar by regulatory authorities neither better nor worse in efficacy/safety to its bio-originator.
07 Sep 2017 News New Recommendations on Biosimilar Use
07 Sep 2017 Social In 10yrs MTX/biologic use increased (40%/1.7% to 64%/27%) & rate of ortho surgery dropped (72 to 51/1000 pts in 2014
06 Sep 2017 Social US patent office has issued two patents for janus kinase(JaK) inhibitors for hair loss.
30 Aug 2017 News Turnabout for Baricitinib
29 Aug 2017 Social 25 studies shows low risk of HBV reactivation (1.6%) w/ resolved HBV - not changed by TNFi, other biologics, DMARDs
28 Aug 2017 Social Severe (ocular) Behcets study: ~half respond to TNF inhib but only half these stay in remission w/ TNFi withdrawal
28 Aug 2017 News Canakinumab Reduces CV Outcomes in High Risk Patients
28 Aug 2017 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: Antiinflammatory Therapy with Canakinumab for Atherosclerotic Disease — NEJM how will this affect rheumatology? https:/…
22 Aug 2017 Social RT @RheumKay: What's harder than making copycat biotech drugs? Selling them via @markets
22 Aug 2017 Social Korean companies Celltrion & Samsung Bioepis have exported $1.63 Billion in Biosimilars in 2016.
21 Aug 2017 Social Ironwood announces FDA approval of its combo drug lesinurad/allopurinol in a 200/300 tablet. Could this be useful?
21 Aug 2017 Social FDA CDER list of licensed biologics and biosimilars updated Aug 2017
19 Aug 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in Review up! How to store enbrel, over/under testing. Check out podcast video
14 Aug 2017 Social Tocilizumab in Scleroderma completed enrollment in phase III trial - another yr till skin + lung results