Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Biologic/Novel Rx

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29 Apr 2019 Social FDA has approved Samsung-Bioepsis biosimilar version of etanercept - Eticovo (etanercept-ykro), approved in other countries under names Benepali and Brenzys. Approval based on 596 RA pt trial w/ 52 wk ACR20 of 80.8% and 81.5% (Enbrel arm)
24 Apr 2019 News Ustekinumab Effective in Behcet's Disease
23 Apr 2019 Social CORRONA study of 880 RA pts w/ hx of Solid cancer shows many on biologics following Dx. 42% were on biologics/tsDMARDs in the 12 mo before cancer. Post CA 31% were on same Rx, 5% switched biologics &10% started a biologic, the majority starting TNFi (54%).
18 Apr 2019 News Polypharmacy Blunts Responses and Ups the Safety Risks
11 Apr 2019 Social 117 pregnancies exposed to biologics were compared to 585 pregnancies not exposed to biologics; 6% of newborns had ≥1 congenital anomalies. No significant association between biologic exposure and congenital anomalies (HR 1.06; 95%CI 0.46-2.47) was seen.
04 Apr 2019 ACR Video A Video Collage of RheumNow Live 2019
01 Apr 2019 News RheumNowLive On Demand: Development & Use of JAK Inhibitors - Dr. John O'Shea
28 Mar 2019 News For RA With COPD, Abatacept is Safe
28 Mar 2019 News Best of 2019 - Ups and Downs with Abatacept
27 Mar 2019 Social Murine BM–derived macrophages or human monocytes treated w/ tofacitinib or selective JAK1, JAK3 inhibitors. Both TOFA & JAK1i but not JAK3i effectively inhibited STAT1 phosphorylation & IFN gamma production, suggesting affects on macrophage function.
26 Mar 2019 Social Boehringer Ingelheim announce s FDA and EMA regulatory submission for nintedanib in systemic sclerosis associated ILD
18 Mar 2019 News No Rise in Cancer Risk with Actemra
13 Mar 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Secondary Loss of Efficacy
13 Mar 2019 News First Line IL-1 Inhibition in Systemic JIA
11 Mar 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Biologic Class Switching
25 Feb 2019 Social ERRATA: "How to Handle Latex Allergies and Biologics" - has been corrected to show that the Cimzia PFS DOES contain 7% of a plastic derived from natural rubber latex. Latex- sensitive patients should be advised to handle the needle shield with caution.
22 Feb 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Rules for Pregnancy
20 Feb 2019 News Impressive Survival of Interleukin-1 Inhibitors in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
20 Feb 2019 News Safety Warnings for Higher Dose Tofacitinib
19 Feb 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - When to Stop Anakinra