Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Biologic/Novel Rx

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14 Apr 2017 Social How will new BIOSIMILAR biologic drugs affect PATIENTS - Make Your views count in a Patient survey; vote at>>
14 Apr 2017 News FDA Delays Baricitinib Decision
14 Apr 2017 Social Are there issues with BIOSIMILAR Safety, Switching or Cost? Patient survey: please vote 5 quick questions here
13 Apr 2017 Social Biosimilars=generic versions of Biologics. 3 biosimilars (to enbrel, humira, remicade) now approved.Patient survey>
13 Apr 2017 Social Patient survey on BIOSIMILARs. Vote here if you have #RA, #PsA, #PSO, #AS, #IBD >>
13 Apr 2017 Social When BIOSIMILAR biologics become available will PATIENTS use/accept or switch to use? Survey for Patients, vote now
13 Apr 2017 Social Is BIOSIMILAR Safety, Switching or Cost an issue for patients? Patients please vote 5 quick questions for patients
12 Apr 2017 Social When BIOSIMILARS become available will PATIENTS use/accept them or switch to them? Survey for Patients, vote now>>
12 Apr 2017 Social PATIENTS - BIOSIMILAR Questions- a RheumNow survey on how they will affect you. Make your vote count!
12 Apr 2017 Social Looking for PATIENT Views on BIOSIMILAR BIOLOGIC Drugs - They're new, how will they affect you. Patients vote at>>
08 Apr 2017 Social RT @HealioRheum: Dr. William Rigby (@GeiselMed): The fact is, these JAKs work
07 Apr 2017 Social Dr. Laura Cappelli - Talk on checkpoint inhibitors of PD-1 (nivolumab, pembrolizumab) and CTLA4 (impilimumab) commonly used in chemotherapy
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr Jon Kay - a biomarker is a measured indicator of biologic/pathogenic processes or drug responses to a therapeutic intervention #CCFsummit
04 Apr 2017 Social FDA grants "breakthrough status" (expedited review) for Rituximab in Pemphigus Vulgaris based on recent Lancet study
04 Apr 2017 News Abatacept Use During Surgery
04 Apr 2017 Social FDAs Oncology Advisory Committee votes 11-0 approve subcut rituximab for lymphoma & CLL. Given in minutes not hours
13 Mar 2017 Social Review of severe alopecia areata 90pts Rx w/ Xeljanz: 20% nearly total regrowth, 58% >50% regrowth,77% some regrowth
09 Mar 2017 News European Biologic Manufacturers Issue Warnings About Biosimilar Switching
07 Mar 2017 Social Placebo outperforms Anakinra (22% vs 8%) in 50 patients with chronic Fatigue Syndrome. IL-1 inhibition fails in CFS
28 Feb 2017 Social Just like Oral Strategy Study (MTX+Tofa > Tofa), DREAM registry shows TNFi + MTX > TNFi.