Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017

Biologic/Novel Rx

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13 Oct 2016 Social Global biosimilars sales = 3.5 billion in 2015; poised to reach $15.6 billion by 2022.
10 Oct 2016 Social Phase II ACCLAIM small trial fails to show significant benefit/safety of Abatacept in Multiple sclerosis (42 pts)
06 Oct 2016 News Biosimilar Reports – October 2016
04 Oct 2016 News Pharma Points Blame at PBMs
02 Oct 2016 News BUILD Study - Baricitinib Shows Rapid Efficacy and X-ray Protection
02 Oct 2016 Social Prime Therapeutics shows Xeljanz discontinuations at 30% by 6mos & 44% at 1 yr. 10% use it before MTX/other DMARDs
29 Sep 2016 Social Humira and Xeljanz have equal outcomes in patient reported outcomes of efficacy in 12 mos ORAL study.
28 Sep 2016 Social Yale study of Alopecia (areata or universalis) showed 32% of 66pts improved with tofacitinib 5mg bid after 3 months.
27 Sep 2016 News Ilaris Gets FDA Approval for Rare Febrile Disorders
26 Sep 2016 News FDA Approves Stelara for Crohn's Colitis
23 Sep 2016 News Restricting High Price Drugs - A Dangerous Trend?
20 Sep 2016 Social JIA Uveitis refractory to MTX, DMARDs, TNFi, successfully Rx in 10/17 w/ Tocilizumab after 5.7 mos,7 steroid sparing
20 Sep 2016 News After the 1st TNF Inhibitor, a Non-TNF Biologic is Next Best
14 Sep 2016 Social RTX biosimilar CT-P10 comparable to rituximab in efficacy, pharmacodynamics, & immunogenicity/safety. @DrPetryna
14 Sep 2016 Social TNFi induced Psoriasis can be treated w/ TNFi D/C, another TNFi (48-85% recurrence) or Stelara. Good short review
07 Sep 2016 News Is Biologic Safety Different in the Elderly?
07 Sep 2016 Social EU grants approval for Orencia (abatacept; IV or SC) for MTX naive (early) RA patients with moderate-severe disease
07 Sep 2016 Social Power doppler synovitis correlates better w/ S100 Calprotectin levels(more than ESR CRP) & w/ low TNFi trough levels
06 Sep 2016 Social 30% of Biologics us is monotherapy. Choy etal reviews comparative success, reasons, pitfalls of biologic monotherapy
30 Aug 2016 Social Dr Carol Langford Gr Rounds - ANCA levels do NOT correlate well with disease activity and should not be used to guide therapy