Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

Biologic/Novel Rx

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05 Nov 2018 Social Oct 31st Sandoz announced that the FDA has approved its adalimumab biosimilar named Hyrimoz (adalimumab-adaz) with indications for RA, JIA, PsA, AS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis and plaque psoriasis. https://t.co/9gH3X51GQj
30 Oct 2018 ACR Video Drs. Arthur Kavanaugh, Doug White and Angus Worthing: Biosimilars
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @WIRheum: Canabinoids in vitro CB2 receptor drives inflammation Set the stage for discovery/development of future antagonists? Danger…
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @ArthurRheum: Patients and HCPs main concerns re: biosimilars are less efficacy and being forced to switch @RheumNow #ACR18 https://t.co…
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @ArthurRheum: Based on this survey, most MDs don’t agree with biosimilar interchangeability, but most pharmacist think it’s ok @RheumNow…
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @ArthurRheum: Another Adalimumab biosimilars is coming... similar efficacy and immunogenicity as original @RheumNow #ACR18 https://t.co/…
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @DrBhana: Dr. Spiegal: pitfalls in sensor data: RA patient starting a biologic, monitoring pain and steps. dec pain, but walking less. t…
22 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Jonathan Kay: Biosimilars
15 Oct 2018 News IL-6 for Adult Still's: A New Option?
13 Oct 2018 Social Clinical Trials Benchmark for Biosimilar Development is one of several educational videos available in the "Therapeutic Update: Biosimilars in Rheumatology" video series, sponsored by Sandoz, Inc. and now available on RheumNow. https://t.co/1vmnEJqOSi
12 Oct 2018 Social Celltrions biosimilar rituximab was previously rejected by the FDA for manufacturing issues, but has resubmitted and will go in front of the FDA Oncologic advisory committee on wednesday for a vote. https://t.co/Q4I8AqlmxL
10 Oct 2018 Social Study from 2018 International Congress on Spondyloarthritides shows that women with ankylosing spondylitis are less responsive to biologics, were less adherent and had worse Pain, ASDAS scores vs men. Study of 359 AS pts over 5 yrs https://t.co/dVIfGM4eTF
09 Oct 2018 Social The new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), protects new biologic drugs from generic competition for a period of at least 10 years. Currently Canada protects biologics for 8 yrs, Mexico 5 yrs; and USAS for 12 yrs. https://t.co/2uz97EcWjt
09 Oct 2018 Social Merck signs a $117 million deal to provide the Samsung Bioepis biosimilar Renflexis (infliximab-abda) to the US Veterans Administration https://t.co/IWumGS5rcl
08 Oct 2018 Social "Therapeutic Update: Biosimilars in Rheumatology" video series features nine experts talking about biosimilars, sponsored by Sandoz, Inc. Visit RheumNow to watch: https://t.co/1vmnEJqOSi #biosimilars https://t.co/WM1EINjFGy
05 Oct 2018 Social Medical marijuana use is up 83% (46K users) in Illinois -with sales of ~$12million/month. Use lead by PTSD (4000) which surpassed fibromyalgia (3400) and cancer (2500) https://t.co/NxizLBoJeC
03 Oct 2018 Social RT @RheumNow: Often Not discussed but do you combine Otezla with a biologic (TNFi or IL-17 inhibitor) in your difficult PsA patients? Rheum…
03 Oct 2018 Social Nintedaib (OFEV) is a kinase inhibitor, FDA approved for Rx of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Recent NEJM study shows no added benefit of adding sildenafil to Nintedaib in alleviating SOB in IPF. This drug is being studied in systemic sclerosis. https://t.co/V6aBoGtlhP
01 Oct 2018 Social Hear nine experts talk about biosimilars in Therapeutic Update: Biosimilars, a video series brought to viewers by Sandoz. Now available on RheumNow. https://t.co/xyqelyCd2r #sponsored #biosimilars
29 Sep 2018 Social RheumNow Week in Review is up! I wanna new Drug - Ustekinumab? https://t.co/8573kuWwxO or listen at iTunes or here https://t.co/HMMA8mQ0ue