Monday, 26 Jun 2017

Biologic/Novel Rx

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11 Jul 2016 ACR Video Dr. Jonathan Kay - Biosimilars at EULAR
23 Jun 2016 Social 47 RA/Psoriasis women exposed to Tofacitinib: 25 healthy, 1 congen. pulm stenosis 7 spont abortions. 8 terminations…/
20 Jun 2016 Social Dr C Michaud & National Databank of >13K RA pts showed reduced risk of diabetes w/ n Plaquenil (33%) & Orencia (48%)
13 Jun 2016 Social GIACTA a landmark RCT proves tocilizumab works in #GCA: 52 wk TCZ more sustained remission, better steroid tapering
13 Jun 2016 Social #EULAR2016 highlight: PRAIRI study: Tx preclinical RA (arthralgia, +ACPA +RF) w/ RTX 1000 mg delays arthritis onset
10 Jun 2016 News U-ACT-Early and the Benefits of Tocilizumab
10 Jun 2016 News Ixekizumab Success with the UNCOVER Trials in Psoriasis
10 Jun 2016 Social BMS Orencia data presented @ #EULAR16; including #CORRONA data showing RF+ or CCP+ assoc w/ better Orencia responses
09 Jun 2016 News Pre-Clinical Use of Rituximab Forestalls Rheumatoid Onset
09 Jun 2016 Social 1670 RA pts in worldwide study show sirukumab (anti-IL6) to retard Xray erosions w/ ACR 20 improved 54% vs 26% PBO
09 Jun 2016 Social Lilly releases EULAR abstract on its JAK inhibitor, baricitinib, in RA - including the BEYOND showing xray benefits
08 Jun 2016 Social Tofacitinib (Xeljanz) presentations at EULAR reviewed in this press release.
08 Jun 2016 Social Is there enough data to support a non-TNFi biologic as the 1st choice? Dr. Janet Pope says the data clearly says so
07 Jun 2016 News GiACTA Study Shows Benefit of Adding Tocilizumab to Steroid Taper in Giant Cell Arteritis
06 Jun 2016 Social Did you know that many (not all) biologics have latex? Dr. Dao writes how to Handle Latex Allergies w/ Biologics
25 May 2016 News IL-23 Inhibitor Effective in Crohn's Disease
23 May 2016 News ORBIT Study Shows Rituximab and TNF inhibitor Equivalence
16 May 2016 Blog Guiding Patients Considering Biologics
16 May 2016 News Cochrane Reports Moderate Evidence Favoring Biologic Add-on Therapy
08 May 2016 Social A FREE Patient Guide to Biologic Use - available now at the RheumNow Website. 13 pages jammed with Patient Education