Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019

Biologic/Novel Rx

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05 Apr 2018 News Rituximab May Halt ILD in Antisynthetase Syndrome Myositis
29 Mar 2018 Social Large BSRBR study of Serious infections w/ biologics shows SI=5.51 per 100PY for all; tocilizumab was higher vs ETN (HR 1.22; 1.02 to 1.47) & certolizumab lower or equal to ETN. 30-day mortality following SI was 10.4% (95% CI 9.2% to 11.6%). https://t.co/h5BieShHpH
27 Mar 2018 News Anakinra May Attenuate Stroke Outcomes
09 Mar 2018 News FDA Panel Votes to Favor High Dose Xeljanz in Ulcerative Colitis
06 Mar 2018 News Abatacept Efficacy in JIA
22 Feb 2018 Social https://t.co/ru9Ej9aMDu of Derm mtg in San Diego has several new biologic therapies of Atopic Dermatitis, including baricitinib, upadacitinib, ASN002 (JAK/SYK inhibitor) and anti IL-33 (ANB020). https://t.co/cOm6jcPRCq
22 Feb 2018 Social FDA grants "breakthrough" status to Pfizers Xeljanz (tofacitinib) for phase III trials in atopic dermatitis https://t.co/hzdMTjxmg1
19 Feb 2018 Social Correction: 2018 AAD presentations on upadacitinib (Abbvies JAK1 inhibitor) in moderate to severe atopic dermatitis shows improvements in pruritus at week 1 and improvement in the extent and severity of skin lesions at week 2. https://t.co/PWjHqpgtWg
14 Feb 2018 News Abatacept Improves GvHD Outcomes
12 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Switching to biosimilars are non inferior in IBD. Dr. U. Mahadevan #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/kxbZXNZETe
11 Feb 2018 ACR Video Dr. George Martin: New Molecular Therapies in Metastatic Melanoma
10 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: “Roughly 50% of our patients will stay on biologics therapy after 5 years.” Dr. M. Genovese #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/Z6dG…
06 Feb 2018 News Biosimilar Reports - February 2018
02 Feb 2018 Social Canadian retrospective cohort review shows that biologic patients treated with denosumab do not have higher rates of serious or opportunistic infections (compared to biologic alone) https://t.co/G5N9DfvYFZ
29 Jan 2018 News Less Cardiovascular Risk with Abatacept in Rheumatoid Arthritis
29 Jan 2018 Social Mavilimumab (anti-GMCSF MAb) effective in 442 RA pts with slow onset of effect in 1st 6 mos. 65% achieved LDAS and 41% DAS–CRP <2.6 remission by wk 122. But modest efficacy, no better than golimumab and concern about Pulm toxicty has halted development https://t.co/GcOhgouYWx
28 Jan 2018 Social Two studies show that ONLY 7-11% of patients Only 6.7% store their biologic in the fridge within the recommended temperature range 2-8 ºC (36-46ºF).Many store too low or too high!. Tell pts to Avoid the CRISPER (too cold). Read review of this at RheumNow. https://t.co/cZTi5DrG9U
28 Dec 2017 Social This is the single best source on Biologics for Patients - Download the Patient Guide to Biologics from RheumNow. 6 pages of overview/comparisons; 5 biologic handouts https://t.co/D80f7I6Sr7
13 Dec 2017 News FDA Approves Mepolizumab for Churg-Strauss (EGPA)
07 Dec 2017 Social Prospective study of 133 IBD pts (64% CD, 36% UC) switched from Remicade to biosimilar Inflectra. After 12 mos. no differences in drug levels, disease activity between innovator and biosimilar. https://t.co/QEH3lUaXD4