Monday, 20 Nov 2017

Biologic/Novel Rx

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07 Sep 2016 News Is Biologic Safety Different in the Elderly?
07 Sep 2016 Social EU grants approval for Orencia (abatacept; IV or SC) for MTX naive (early) RA patients with moderate-severe disease
07 Sep 2016 Social Power doppler synovitis correlates better w/ S100 Calprotectin levels(more than ESR CRP) & w/ low TNFi trough levels
06 Sep 2016 Social 30% of Biologics us is monotherapy. Choy etal reviews comparative success, reasons, pitfalls of biologic monotherapy
30 Aug 2016 Social Dr Carol Langford Gr Rounds - ANCA levels do NOT correlate well with disease activity and should not be used to guide therapy
25 Aug 2016 Social Ixekizumab (Taltz), IL-17 inhibitor, better than Placebo, but same as Humira @24wks in treating psoriatic arthritis
23 Aug 2016 Social Idiopathic Recurrent Pericarditis follows ~20% acute pericarditis; responds VERY well to IL-1 inhibition (anakinra)
10 Aug 2016 Social Abbvies IL-6 drug vobarilizumab (+MTX) failed to meet ACR20 primary endpoint against MTX alone (devloped w/ Ablynx)
09 Aug 2016 Social In Japan, persistence on biologics highest in biologic-naïve (>95%) and older Pts & lowest w/ more comorbidities.
05 Aug 2016 Social CVS pharmacy drops brand name drugs and prefers biosimilar agents for diabetes and cancer care.
05 Aug 2016 Social RT @HealioRheum: Evolution of biologic structure and nomenclature for MAb: mouse -omab; chimera -ximab; humanized -zumab; human -umab; fusi…
02 Aug 2016 News Biosimilars are Bioequivalent to Original TNF Inhibitors
01 Aug 2016 News Canakinumab Yields Genetic and Disease Modifying Effects in TRAPS Patients
22 Jul 2016 Social In Tofacitinib RCTs 1821 child-bearing age F exposed; 47 pregnant (33 monoRx). 1 Pulm valve stenosis, 7 Spont Abs.
21 Jul 2016 Social BMS has a new autoinjector for abatacept (ORENCIA) called "ClickJect" w/ 15 sec delivery duration
18 Jul 2016 Social Samsung Bioepis has filed its application for its Humira biosimilar with the European Medicines Agency
18 Jul 2016 News Will Patent Extensions Delay Biosimilar Arrivals?
15 Jul 2016 News ORBIT Study Shows Rituximab is Non-Inferior to TNF Inhibitors in Biologic Naive Patients
14 Jul 2016 News FDA Approves Xiidra (Lifitegrast) for Dry Eyes
13 Jul 2016 Social 7/12 FDA Arthritis Adv Committee voted 26-0 approve Amgens ADA biosimilar(ABP-501; today voted 20-0 to approve Sandoz ETN biosimilar GP2015