Monday, 20 Jan 2020


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15 Jan 2020 News Should We Screen Younger Postmenopausal Women for Osteoporosis?
12 Jan 2020 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! Oral Vs IV Abx, Drugs for Dactylitis/Enthesitis, Arterial embolization for OA; watch here>> or Listen on Apple podcasts or here >>
09 Jan 2020 News Genicular Artery Embolization to Treat Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
07 Jan 2020 News ACR-Arthritis Foundation Treatment Guidelines for Osteoarthritis
30 Dec 2019 Social Review of 541,744 total knee replacement (TKR) in Australia (1999-2017) finds lower revision rates in RA vs. OA, but increased risk of infection in RA (esp. males)
26 Dec 2019 Social 2014-2015 study of 750K from Southern Sweden shows 24% of OA patients used opioids (2 fold higher than those without knee or hip OA).
17 Dec 2019 Social There is a 2 fold higher rate of RE-Vertebral fractures in Primary Osteoporosis patients who had a previous percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) and when taking steroids (vs no steroids).
16 Dec 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up - The Elusive Hand OA Problem (12.13.19) Watch it here>> or listen to the podcast here >>
13 Dec 2019 Social YET another drug fails in erosive hand OA (EHOA). A phase II trial of an IL-1 inhibitor (lutikizumab) vs PBO given to 110 EHOA pts shows not differences in pain outcomes, despite biologic changes in CRP, IL1, neutrophils in those on the IL-1 inhibitor.
12 Dec 2019 News Short-term Benefit with Prednisolone in Hand Osteoarthritis
10 Dec 2019 Social Those with prior partial knee arthroplasty (AKA medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty) who undergo total knee replacement have a 3-fold higher risk of revision vs primary TKA.
21 Nov 2019 Social It's Dr. Paul Sufka @psufka talking about methotrexate and prednisone for Hand osteoarthritis #ACR19 @philipcrobinson
20 Nov 2019 ACR Video Bad to the Bone: Dr. Chad Deal
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Methotrexate and Prednisone for Hand OA: Dr. Paul Sufka
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video The Great Debate: Dr. Chad Deal
14 Nov 2019 Social RT @_connectedcare: Hand OA responds to 10mg/d Pred over 6wks. As expected symptoms return on cessation Anecdotally, there are people who…
13 Nov 2019 ACR Video Romosozumab and Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: Dr. Arthur Lau
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @MeralElRamahiMD: The amazing Metabolic Bone Disease expert, @CLDeal, recaps pearls on an important, under-diagnosed disease! #CleClinic…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: #ACR19 Guidelines for OA: my take home is this truly astonishing funnel plot Virtually zero small negative studies and dozens…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @philipcrobinson: It's Dr. Paul Sufka @psufka talking about methotrexate and prednisone for Hand osteoarthritis…