Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020


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04 Feb 2015 News Celebrex Goes Generic
20 Apr 2015 Social Pts w/ Xray or Symptom defined Osteoarthritis are ~50% more likely to be "frail" (wt loss, cant rise, poor energy) http://buff.ly/1FXZNPF 
22 Apr 2015 Social Sudden sensorineural hearing loss assoc w/ Osteoporosis. In claims data, OP pts twice as likely to have hearing loss. http://buff.ly/1Ofq6uv 
23 Apr 2015 Social Nerve Growth factor mAb being developed for OA/Pain. Discogenic LBP may be from NGF and may also benefit from such Rx http://buff.ly/1GbCAK0 
26 Apr 2015 News Patient's fat cells transplanted to treat OA may be effective
26 Apr 2015 News Osteoporosis predisposes to higher risk of sudden deafness
27 Apr 2015 Blog Knee Replacement and the Physical Terrorist
29 Apr 2015 Blog Does the FRAX Assessment Tool Help?
29 Apr 2015 Social Metanalysis of 11 studies show Leptin levels are significantly higher in OA, moreso w/ women and disease severity. http://buff.ly/1HHlWWL 
30 Apr 2015 News Review of Bisphosphonates and Atypical femoral fractures
01 May 2015 News Diet, Exercise and Glucosamine Fail to Prevent OA in Overweight Females
07 May 2015 Social Plaquenil not effective in OA hand; 202 pts recv PBO or HCQ - very little change in either group. http://buff.ly/1IkHXuN 
12 May 2015 Blog Letter to the Expert: Is there life after ONJ?
13 May 2015 Social Risk of falls in OA is significantly higher based on # of lower extrem OA Jts: 1 =53% risk; 2=74% & 3/4=85% more risk http://t.co/FffLI7yoT6
15 May 2015 News Tanezumab in Osteoarthritis: Data Presented at OARSI
17 May 2015 News Men are Less Likely to be Screened for Osteoporosis
22 May 2015 News Underuse & Overuse of DXA Screening
27 May 2015 News Prevalence of doctor-diagnosed arthritis and activity limitations
27 May 2015 News Osteoporosis Induced by Bariatric Surgery
29 May 2015 News Vitamin D Screening Discouraged in Asymptomatic Adults