Thursday, 20 Feb 2020


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29 May 2015 Social In a survey study of 29,254 women taking Bisphosphonates were half as likely to develop endometrial cancer.
02 Jun 2015 Social 5814 Medicare pts Rx w/ biologic + Denosumab or Zolendronic acid. Similar hosp infx rates were seen 14.9 v 13.9/100PY
04 Jun 2015 Social Inhaled corticosteroids and bone health- High doses incr risk of osteopenia, -porosis & AVN
07 Jun 2015 Blog Top 5 and Bottom 5 Joints
08 Jun 2015 News Eczema associated with osteoporosis and fractures
09 Jun 2015 News Knee Implant Forecast from 2012 - 2018
15 Jun 2015 Social EULAR report: hydroxychloroquine not effective in hand OA
15 Jun 2015 News Increasing Incidence of Osteomyelitis
16 Jun 2015 Social Taiwan study shows diffuse scleroderma pts have increased risk Hip (IRR 1,89) & Vertebral osteoporotic Fx (IRR 1.78)
19 Jun 2015 News Thiazide Diuretics May Reduce Osteoporotic Fracture Risk
19 Jun 2015 News Intraarticular Hip Injection of Ketorolac Equals Steroid Responses
21 Jun 2015 News Conservative Equals Surgical Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
22 Jun 2015 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow Forteo reduces fracture risk regardless of initial FRAX score-patients with high FRAX respond equally well- http:/…
22 Jun 2015 Social 75 men & 488 women w/ osteoporosis treated w/ qd teriparatide and was as effective in men as in postmenopausal women
22 Jun 2015 Social The immunology of osteoporosis reviewed
23 Jun 2015 News Right Knee Pain - What's Your Dx?
01 Jul 2015 News The Unproven Use of Stem Cell Therapy in OA of the Knee
01 Jul 2015 Social RT @DrPetryna:When "do not harm" comes handy - the overdiagnosis of osteoporosis
05 Jul 2015 Social The Unproven and Entrepreneurial Use of Stem Cell Therapy in OA of the Knee | RheumNow
19 Jul 2015 News Lithium May Have Chondroprotective Effects in OA