Thursday, 20 Feb 2020


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19 Jul 2015 Social @DrPetryna Take vitamin D like a Marine! Baseline Vit D <50 nmol was associated w/ an increased # of stress fracture
24 Jul 2015 News Long term Denosumab Use Shows Favorable Outcomes: Results from the FREEDOM Extension Trial
28 Jul 2015 Social In obese OA knee patients 5% total weight or fat loss was assoc w/ 3.8 or 2.2 fold increase in normalizing CRP & IL-6
29 Jul 2015 News Men and Blacks Undertreated for Osteoporosis
03 Aug 2015 Social Danish GPA pts were matched w/ 7 controls - increase Fx risk seen in males w/ GPA >55 yrs (IRR 3.5, 95% CI 1.6–7.6)
03 Aug 2015 News Vitamin D Fails in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Prevention
10 Aug 2015 Social Women who have Pregnancies < every 12 months have a 4 fold higher risk of postmenopausal #osteoporosis
14 Aug 2015 News Osteoporosis Affects One-Quarter US Women Over 65 Years
14 Aug 2015 News Osteoarthritis Update August 2015
18 Aug 2015 Social National Data Bank shows OA pts benefit more than RA w/ knee replacements- both "turn back the clock" w/ improvements
20 Aug 2015 Social "Eye of Newt" may be the next hope for OA as regenerative therapy?
21 Aug 2015 News "Eye of Newt" Leads Regenerative Therapy in Osteoarthritis
23 Aug 2015 Social Dr Felson teaches; Meniscal tears are seen 32% of Men in 50s & 56% if 70-90yrs old. 61% of all tears are asymptomatic
28 Aug 2015 News Growth Hormone Protects Against Osteoporotic Fractures
31 Aug 2015 News MOST Study: End Stage Knee Osteoarthritis Shows Dynamic Change by MRI
02 Sep 2015 News Bicycle Injuries and Fatalities Increasing in Older Americans
02 Sep 2015 News Romosozumab Surpasses Teraparitide in the STRUCTURE Study
02 Sep 2015 News A Rule of Five Spots Spine Disease
04 Sep 2015 News More Knee Replacements at Younger Ages
08 Sep 2015 Social Interlaminar (betw vertebrae) epidural steroid injx at worst stenosis level is very useful for spinal stenosis pain