Thursday, 20 Feb 2020


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08 Mar 2016 News Vitamin D has No Effect on Knee Osteoarthritis
10 Mar 2016 News Outpatient Surgery Safe for Total Hip
18 Mar 2016 News Bisphosphonate Use Falls Following FDA Warnings
19 Mar 2016 Social NSAID use in Knee Osteoarthritis associated w/ incr risk venous thromboembolism; for all NSAIDs but not naproxen
20 Mar 2016 Social Manage your disease, not like a pro. Instead like a CEO! RheumNow presents a different approach for MDs & Patients
22 Mar 2016 News Hemochromatosis Reviewed
23 Mar 2016 Social phase 3, BRIDGE study shows romosozumab significantly increases lumbar BMD in men with osteoporosis
26 Mar 2016 Social Women are 1.5-2x more likely than men to have ACL tears - estrogen is key. F on birth control have less ACL surgery
28 Mar 2016 Social 2011 there are 10 million (8mill women, 2 mill men) w/ osteoporosis; by 2021 will be 14 million & $4 billion market
29 Mar 2016 News Mediterranean Diet Reduces Hip Fracture Risk
29 Mar 2016 Social 40 yr old woman w/ ankle foot pain & ortho dx "osteoarthritis" - 14% at 25 yrs have OA? Am I wrong to be skeptical?
30 Mar 2016 Social Japanese study in #RA patients early results show denosumab effective in preventing XRay damage
01 Apr 2016 Social Quiz: Under which switching condition does BMD continue to increase in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis?
04 Apr 2016 News Treating OA Knee Effusions with Low-Dose Spironolactone
07 Apr 2016 Social 202 knee OA pts - low vs high dose fish oil had no significan effects on clinical or Xray outcomes at 2 yrs
07 Apr 2016 News Intraarticular Wnt Inhibitor Therapy Effective in Knee Osteoarthritis
14 Apr 2016 News Surgical Management of Spinal Stenosis - To Fuse or Not To Fuse?
15 Apr 2016 Social Retrosp Study concludes prior bisphosphonate exposure associated with decreased response to triparatide @DrPetryna
18 Apr 2016 Social 10 yrs after Knee arthroplasty, OA patients at increase risk for hip (4%) & vertebral (19%) fractures
18 Apr 2016 News Osteoporotic Fractures at Higher Risk for Subsequent Fractures