Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018


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13 Mar 2017 Social FDA delayed action on Radius' new anabolic osteoporosis drug abaloparatide to June 30, requesting new information https://t.co/Ab4KDHbc9O
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @WShergy: Is the pain in your OA patient’s knee from Incomplete RA control or is it OA progression. It makes a difference. acr2017 @rheu…
19 Jul 2016 Social Unloading shoes (triple-density, variable-stiffness midsoles lateral-wedge insoles) do not benefit knee OA patients https://t.co/mpHkW1JQsd
12 Oct 2015 Social Cochrane review show land based exercise provides significantly improved pain, function & QOL in #osteoarthritis. http://t.co/oxI0QCKonJ
14 Feb 2018 Social 240,000 Canadian COPD patients, >55 yrs; those on inhaled corticosteroids (>4 yrs, >1gm) had 10% higher rate of fractures (men and women) https://t.co/N4rJwrfohY
10 Nov 2017 Social RT @acpinternist: Diabetes associated with fractures in older male veterans, with comorbidities as mediating factors https://t.co/DA5Xf4JQSz
01 Aug 2016 Social 643 postmenopausal OP women w/ prior bisphosphonate Rx given zolendronic acid or denosumab;More BMD w/ denosumab@1yr https://t.co/oXAW5p2U43
22 Jun 2015 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow Forteo reduces fracture risk regardless of initial FRAX score-patients with high FRAX respond equally well- http:/…
08 Dec 2015 Social Cadmium may increase risk of osteoporosis & Fx. Sources: industrial plants, metal workers, smoking, food, >Japan https://t.co/hxjUBEQooW
26 Mar 2018 Social Although approved by FDA in May 2017, the EMA (CHMP) has rejected abaloparitide for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis, citing cardiac concerns, study conduct & its data on non-vertebral fracture prevention. https://t.co/vYE96VkiRY
16 Jun 2018 Social Dr. David Felson shows bone marrow lesions correlate well with pain of osteoarthritis, and may improve either treatment. from #EULAR SP0152 https://t.co/Jy94IwdPYQ
24 Sep 2016 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: “bisphosphonate use in hip fracture pts decreased from 15% in 2004 to 3% in the last quarter of 2013” https://t.co/Zs2R…
19 Jul 2017 Social Alcohol & Smoking assoc w/ 2 fold risk of Hand OA. but being overweight or obese is NOT. https://t.co/pAa2uiLa9B
07 May 2018 Social Study of 5590 pt shows Low BMD levels were an independent predictor of mortality and when correlated with increasing coronary artery calcium scan scores showed a 2.8 to 14.3 fold higher risk of death. https://t.co/YSco0EftMb
08 Dec 2016 Social Tumor-induced osteomalacia, rare, w/ low phosphate, high Alk phos, fatigue arthralgias, multiple Fx from Hi FGF 23. https://t.co/i63MPJtTbK
14 Sep 2017 Social After 3-5yrs bisphosphonates in postmenopausal OP women, BP Drug holiday assoc w/ 40% higher risk of new fractures https://t.co/N19RKPQGVx
18 Apr 2016 Social 10 yrs after Knee arthroplasty, OA patients at increase risk for hip (4%) & vertebral (19%) fractures https://t.co/AmwvJZEQAE
13 Jun 2018 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: @Janetbirdope @RheumNow Especially if DXA hip osteoporosis.
20 May 2016 Social @DrPetrynaRegeneron Announces Positive data from Ph 2/3 Fasinumab (MAb-nerve growth factor) Study for Osteoarthritis https://t.co/YtbauplAEo
04 Jan 2018 Social Checkout #ACR17 video by Dr. Olga Petryna on the FRAME II study romosuzumab vs. alendronate. https://t.co/pU0xH9i4ze