Tuesday, 21 May 2019


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20 Mar 2019 News Risky Painkillers Commonly Prescribed for Osteoarthritis
20 Mar 2019 Social Study of 151,305 pts from Clinical Practice Research Datalink, shows that THR/TKR patients exposed to statins for 1-5 years had ~25% reduced risk of arthroplasty revision (HR 0.74 (0.62, 0.88)). https://t.co/AQhKHuAwkD
19 Mar 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Goldilocks and Osteoarthritis
18 Mar 2019 Social Nice comprehensive full read review of the Diagnosis and Management of Paget's Disease of Bone in Adults: A Clinical Guideline from the JBMR. https://t.co/Eh9xfPJ2B0
15 Mar 2019 Social 2,933 adults >50 yrs went to the ER with a new vertebral fracture (2008-2014) but 98% did not have a DXA in 2yrs before and 1 yr after; and only 7% started OP Rx; In the ensuing 2 yrs, 38% developed another Fx https://t.co/JYYLFawV5z
12 Mar 2019 News Tramadol May be Associated with Increased Mortality in Osteoarthritis
12 Mar 2019 Social Osteoarthritis Initiative shows weight loss (>5% BMI) in obese and overweight persons resulted in a lower risk of knee cartilage loss assessed by MRI after 8 yrs; results only seen in diet only or diet + exercise pts. https://t.co/0S75xrfONk
12 Mar 2019 Social 24 mos results show, that in steroid treated pts, denosumab SC is superior to po risedronate at increasing spine and hip bone mineral density (BMD); adverse events and Fracture rates were similar in both groups https://t.co/vSBlF4uBXa
08 Mar 2019 Social Shoulder replacement surgery - low risk of revision in older women (2.7%), highest (23%) in men 55-59 yrs; Revision highest in the 1st 5 yrs. SAE risk <90d was <4.8%; highest in men >85 yrs (21%). Pulm embolism risk Rel Risk = 61fold in women 50-64. https://t.co/NVSzfgZvwS
02 Mar 2019 Social QD Clinic - A Torn Meniscus? | RheumNow - What best predicts a torn meniscus or need for MRI & Referral https://t.co/zpovJH1ZuL
01 Mar 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - A Torn Meniscus?
27 Feb 2019 Social Metanalysis of 18 studies shows individuals with mult-site pain have a higher future risk for FALLS (OR = 1.74 (95%CI 1.57–1.93)). For high-quality studies, multisite pain pts have double the odds of a future falls. https://t.co/lZLl8z7SMk
25 Feb 2019 Social Taiwanese insurance claims data study shows that Sjogrens syndrome patients (n=13398) have increased risk of osteonecrosis of jaw compared to 54K controls (0.08%vs0.03%, p=0.017) & also bisphosphonate ONJ (adjusted HR=7.9, p<0.001). https://t.co/qQSV16muNN
19 Feb 2019 News TKR - One or Two at a Time?
19 Feb 2019 Social Review of 541,744 total knee replacement (TKR) in Australia (1999-2017) finds lower revision rates in RA vs. OA, but increased risk of infection in RA (esp. males) https://t.co/rIpSFWSNfY
18 Feb 2019 News Older Men Less Likely to be Assessed and Treated for Osteoporosis
18 Feb 2019 News Hip Replacements Lasting 25 Years
15 Feb 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: Good morning from #RWCS2019! Year in Review #1: HCQ doesn't work for hand OA, so stop using it! Jack Cush @RheumNow has talke…
14 Feb 2019 Social JBMR reports that women with single & multiple fractures (hip, spine, ribs) strongly negatively impacts the HRQL of older people over a prolonged period, and that they may not recover their prefracture QOL. https://t.co/1udPUiyCc0
04 Feb 2019 News Opioid Use in Osteoarthritis Varies by State