Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020


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13 Jun 2018 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Minten. Low dose radiotherapy not effective for hand and knee OA. Patients randomised to low dose radiotherapy vs Sham…
13 Jun 2018 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Zolendronic acid didn't significantly reduce cartilage volume loss, #knee pain or bone marrow lesion size in knee #osteoa…
04 Jun 2018 Social JBMR reports a single center study showing that among 53 severe osteoporosis patients treated w/ teriparitide, hypomagnesemia was seen in 36% - risk factors include older age and lower baseline Mg levels. Consider monitoring Mg https://t.co/NUKwHjWkq8
03 Jun 2018 Social FDA approves the combo drug Consensi (amlodipine and celecoxib) for Treatment of Hypertension and Osteoarthritis Pain - is this brilliant of an expensive brand of stupid? https://t.co/RZO0wOl6T8
25 May 2018 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up! Hot news on CIRT, OP, MPO & what SLE will and wont do. Checkout podcast on iTUnes or here https://t.co/0vxHMCOfHD
25 May 2018 News Restless Sleep and Inactivity Intertwined in OA
22 May 2018 News FDA Approves Denosumab for Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis
21 May 2018 Social The ration of BMD to BMI index predicts fracture risk - a new study 2225 obese pts presented at the 2018 annual American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) meeting. https://t.co/0FDJX8xx0t
17 May 2018 Social Osteoarthritis Initiative study of 1203 pts shows that running was not associated with worsening of knee pain or radiographic structural progression https://t.co/Y7UCTNMpKy
16 May 2018 Social Study from NYU and Emory shows that orders for MSK imaging were highest amongst Ortho Orthopedic surgery 37.6% (most knee imaging) Internal medicine 20.2% Family practice 14.8% Emergency medicine 7.9% Rheumatology 5.7% (most hand, 2nd in US) https://t.co/hcaIR5YjGv
16 May 2018 Social Every two min, someone in the US breaks their hip. May is National OP month; National Bone Health Alliance call for healthcare providers to spend two min each day & address the osteoporosis care gap https://t.co/J8GI3p20Rn
15 May 2018 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Softening “Celebrex” Safety Labeling https://t.co/h0fnQMHBGl
13 May 2018 Social RT @bmj_latest: Vertebroplasty versus sham procedure for painful acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: A visual abstract of t…
09 May 2018 Social Australian RCT treated Trochanteric bursitis (glueal tendinopathy) w/ either education + exercise (EDX), steroid injx or "wait & see". EDX wins w/ better pain and global scores at wk 8 and better global scores at wk 52 (still less pain) https://t.co/eNky3xc9fW https://t.co/v6U8HRfqe0
08 May 2018 Social UK study of 1207 male ex-footballers & 4085 control pop. men shows knee osteoarthritis outcomes (knee pain, RKOA TKR) 2-3 times higher in male ex-footballers compared with men in the general population group https://t.co/FJQ34Dm84a
07 May 2018 Social Study of 5590 pt shows Low BMD levels were an independent predictor of mortality and when correlated with increasing coronary artery calcium scan scores showed a 2.8 to 14.3 fold higher risk of death. https://t.co/YSco0EftMb
04 May 2018 News Bisphosphonate Drug Holidays May Result in Fractures
26 Apr 2018 Social Study of 131 organizing pneumonia (OP) pts compared autoimmune related (AIRD-OP) to cryptogenic OP and found 2/3 of AIRD-OP presented w/ OP at Dz onset, had more severe lung Dz & higher recurrence rates; Associated with Sjogrens, PM/DM, RA. T https://t.co/uKTUFDYub4
22 Apr 2018 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Nice summary on osteoarthritis from @ProfDavidHunter and esp the issues of what causes it and how we need to change ho…
20 Apr 2018 Social The RheumNow Wk in Review is up. Discussions on Vitamin D, Rheumatologist salaries, Lupus clinics, VTE, FDA hearings Listen to podcast https://t.co/lyUEIp8l5e or watch the videocast here https://t.co/7JZgtbnKcW