Monday, 21 Aug 2017


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26 Dec 2016 Social 48,867 Total hip arthroplasties: 1 yr risk of prosthetic Jt infx is 0.53% and hip revision was 1/44.
26 Dec 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: Doctors say safety is at stake in Medicare’s decision to make knee replacement surgeries a one-day stay…
20 Dec 2016 News BEST-D Trial: Higher Doses of Vitamin D may be Required for Optimal Osteoporosis Prevention
19 Dec 2016 News Osteoporosis 2016 Year in Review - No new drug approvals, and a crisis in care
11 Dec 2016 Social Dr. Eric Topol has a rough go of it w/ PT after knee replacment.
08 Dec 2016 Social Tumor-induced osteomalacia, rare, w/ low phosphate, high Alk phos, fatigue arthralgias, multiple Fx from Hi FGF 23.
06 Dec 2016 Social BMJ study of >19k men, shows testosterone use associated w/ 63% increased risk of DVT in the 1st 6mos.
01 Dec 2016 News Statins for the Treatment of Osteoporosis
30 Nov 2016 Social RT @ASBMR: Now Available - Slide Set and Webcast on Highlights of ASBMR 2016 Annual Meeting
27 Nov 2016 Social Top Five #ACR16 highlights from an Osteoporosis maven - Arthur Lau @ArthurRheum.
15 Nov 2016 News Celecoxib Shines and Naproxen Tanks in the PRECISION Study
19 Oct 2016 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: #Osteoporosis call to action from @ASBMR features work of #BWH #SCS Rheumatologists
13 Oct 2016 News Cannibis Abusers Have Decreased Bone Mass, More Fractures
13 Oct 2016 Social October 20th is world Osteporosis day - heres their white paper on OP future issues.
11 Oct 2016 Social Diabetes has freq articular findings:OA knee(49%), carpal tunnel(29%), frozen shoulder(23%), cheiroarthropathy(16%)
10 Oct 2016 News Those with Osteoporotic Fractures are Going Untreated
07 Oct 2016 Social Injection of nanoparticle peptides carrying siRNA that inhibit NF-κB may benefit osteoarthritic joints
05 Oct 2016 Social Orthopedic implant market projected to rise to $6.2 billion by 2024. US Majority at 53%
30 Sep 2016 Social Untimely phase III death of odancitinib (cathepsin K inhib) from osteoporosis development - higher risk of stroke
27 Sep 2016 News Anti-Sclerostin Drug Prevents Vertebral Fractures in Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis