Thursday, 27 Feb 2020


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24 Oct 2019 Social A general health questionnaire EQ-5D Score < 0 defines a state 'worse than death' (WTD). UK study of > 4000 THA & TKA pts finds thatn 19% THA & 12% TKA were WTD. WTD assoc w/ severity COPD, PAD, & inflam arthropathy. WTD was reduced by surgery
21 Oct 2019 Social THe European Medicines Agency committee announced a positive opinion recommending romosozumab for the treatment of severe osteoporosis in postmenopausal women at high Fracture risk for fracture w/ no hx of MI/CVA
17 Oct 2019 News High Dose Statins Increase Odds of Osteoporosis
11 Oct 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! When youre hot youre hot! Watch it on youtube>> or listen to the podcast in your car on iTues, Apple podcast or on Stitcher or SoundCloud>>
10 Oct 2019 News Sprifermin Benefits Cartilage Loss but not Symptoms in Knee Osteoarthritis
09 Oct 2019 Social Just Dx Pigmented Villonodular synovitis in older male w/ CPPD, new myeloma but chronic monarthritis of knee - Dx by MRI. PVNS is benign, localized synovitis (tenosynovitis) of knee, hip, ankle, elbow, even TMJ! Rx is largely excision.
09 Oct 2019 Social ASBMR meeting presented a study of patients w/ CKD showing that 12 mos romosuzumab improved BMD in lumbar spine, hip, and femoral neck in pts with mild to moderate renal impairment - not enough pts w/ severe CKD to conclude its effects.
09 Oct 2019 News Bisphosphonates and the Risk of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
08 Oct 2019 Social Osteoarthritis Initiative studied 4344 knee OA looking at bulge sign (12.7%) & patellar tap (2%); 3.3% had both. Bulge sign increased risk of freq knee pain (OR 1.31) & TKR [OR 1.47); developing a bulge sign had incr risk of same & Xray worsening (OR 1.67)
04 Oct 2019 Social N. Zealand study shows their cost of knee OA was $200 million in 2013; and without any changes in the standards of care, this isprojected to increase to $370 million by 2038. (includes an additional 4,000 TKRs per year by 2038).
03 Oct 2019 News ASBMR Recommendations on Secondary Fracture Prevention
01 Oct 2019 News Similar Outcomes for Hip Arthroplasty or Hemiarthroplasty in Hip Fracture
17 Sep 2019 Social Statin use was associated with reduced risk of radiographic knee osteoarthritis joint space narrowing progression in patients with nodal osteoarthritis. Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative, 832 knees of 602 participants (statin initiators vs nonusers)
16 Sep 2019 Social Administrative data from British Columbia examined role of NSAIDs in OA and the risk of cardiovascular dz. OA patient have a higher risk of CVD than do matched controls (adj HR 1.23) & 41% of CVD risk was mediated through NSAID use.
10 Sep 2019 News Need for Pre-operative Hyperglycemia Testing Prior to Total Joint Replacement
06 Sep 2019 Social Disease burden in OA - study of nearly 9000 pts in German database shows both knee and hip OA to be assoc w/ the highest WOMAC (mean 44), impairment of personal life (75%) and highest analgesic use (52% NSAIDs, 22% opioids).
04 Sep 2019 News Weight Loss Cuts Hospital Stays for Obese TKA Patients
29 Aug 2019 News High-Dose Vitamin D: No Help for Bone Health
26 Aug 2019 Social Metanalysis of 57 articles describing 154 prognostic factors for Hip OA progression. 4 were assoc w/ increased risk = comorbidity, higher KL, superior head migration, subchondral sclerosis. Not predictive=gender, pain meds, QOL, limited ROM.
22 Aug 2019 Social RCT of 139 knee OA pts given either curcumin 500-mg tid or diclofenac 50-mg bid. At days 14 and 28 both had similar improvement in pain and KOOS score; but curcumin had better tolerance, less GI sxs and H2 blocker use.