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08 Sep 2015 News Overuse and Underuse of Osteoporosis Drugs
11 Sep 2015 Social OA pts support use of knee monitoring device during rehab, but comfort is important. Used to monitor & incentivize http://t.co/xBFAGd8l5K
11 Sep 2015 News FDA Warns of Bone Fracture Risk and Lower BMD with Diabetes Drug
15 Sep 2015 News Age and Comorbidity Contribute to Higher Death Risk Following Hip Fracture Surgery
17 Sep 2015 News Prolonged Breastfeeding Associated with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
22 Sep 2015 News DATA-Switch Study Finds the Right Sequence to Building Better Bone Mass
24 Sep 2015 News Increasing Numbers of Knee Replacements
05 Oct 2015 Social Metanalysis of 329 pt (921 pt-yrs) shows that Bisphosphonates are not helpful in Rx of Osteonecrosis Femoral head http://t.co/51ns6Fw3Wu
08 Oct 2015 News Circadian Efficacy with Cathepsin K Inhibitor ONO-5334
12 Oct 2015 News Diet, Exercise and Glucosamine Fail to Prevent Knee Osteoarthritis
12 Oct 2015 Social Cochrane review show land based exercise provides significantly improved pain, function & QOL in #osteoarthritis. http://t.co/oxI0QCKonJ
14 Oct 2015 Social Metanalysis of 33 studies shows Tai Chi is effective in #Osteoarthritis: pain, walk times, & knee extensor strength http://t.co/z352FoRnmc
23 Oct 2015 Social NEJM study shows in #OA, knee replacement is superior (85 vs 64%) to nonsurgical Rx (diet, PT, shoe inserts, meds) https://t.co/xdacmfp9NJ
02 Nov 2015 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow In prosp cohort study 1/wk Forteo increases lumbar BMD in hemodialysis pts with hypoPTH and low bone mass https://…
06 Nov 2015 News Knee OA (not Hand) is Associated with Higher Mortality in Women
06 Nov 2015 News Hip Fracture Risk Factors in the Elderly
08 Nov 2015 News Chondroitin Superior to Celecoxib in Knee OA Cartilage Loss
08 Nov 2015 Social #ACR15 1200 mg Chondroitin sulfate is superior to Celecoxib 200 mg/d in Knee OA by MRI outcomes. https://t.co/mFBwfhw0x2
08 Nov 2015 Social RT @DrPetryna: #ACR15 #yearinreview Abloparatide (PTHrP) superior to Teriparatide in improving MBD in PMO, possibly2/2 transient increaseof…
08 Nov 2015 Social RT @DrPetryna: #ACR15 #hottopicsinOA C&G show NO sig effect on pain or structural damage in OA. EULAR recommends but ACR, NICE and OARSI do…