Friday, 19 Jul 2019


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19 Nov 2018 Social 80 overweight & obese pts w/ mild to moderate Knee OA Rx in RDBPCT showing garlic 1000 mg/D significantly lowers pain scores, resistin levels (but not TNF). Garlic may work by effects on MMPs, cytokines? shown to lower CRP levels
13 Nov 2018 News Pre-Diabetes Associated Risk for Arthritis, Obesity and Physical Inactivity
05 Nov 2018 News Controversial New Super Opioid Approved by FDA
05 Nov 2018 News Late Breaker: Can Tanezumab Be Revived for OA?
30 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Olga Petryna: Osteoporotic Refractures in Autoimmune Patients
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @WIRheum: MTX for OA of the knee 12 months, 155 pts, endpoint=pain statistically significant improvement, probably not clinically mean…
24 Oct 2018 Social RT @samwhittle: Merkel Year in Review: SPACE trial (JAMA 18) - opioids NOT superior to NSAIDs for function or pain in OA & back pain. #ACR1…
24 Oct 2018 Social RT @DrBhana: Dr. Cush abstract 428 Significant Pain Reduction with Oral Methotrexate in Knee Osteoarthritis; Results from a Randomised Cont…
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @WilliamShergy: Peripheral vascular disease is associated with OP and hip fractures. #ACR18 @RheumNow Abstract 2305.…
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @WilliamShergy: High serum Uric acid levels may protect against bone loss. #ACR18 @RheumNow Abstract 2333
23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Arthur Lau: SELECT-COMPARE Trial
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @NicoleBitencou5: #SticklerSyndrome a defect in type 2 collagen. Develop #osteoarthritis by age 40, sometimes as teenagers. #GeneticMimi…
23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Kelly Krohn: Update on Osteoporosis Sessions
23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Arthur Lau: Osteoporosis
22 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Kelly Krohn: Role of Fat Cells
22 Oct 2018 Social RT @japaoli19: AbstractL03 Intraarticular Wnt inhibitor shows benefit in the Tx of knee OA #ACR18 @rheumnow
15 Oct 2018 Social Diabetics known to have a higher risk of hip Fracture; Metanalysis of nearly 5 million people & over 50k Fractures shows diabetics w/ a 30% increased risk of ankle Fx (RR 1.30) & 15% decrease in wrist Fx (RR 0.85). Same pattern of Fx seen w/ obesity.
15 Oct 2018 Social ASBMR study of 150K women in S. Calif finds after 3-5 yrs of bisphospholate, a drug holiday resulted in 44% reduction in atypical femoral Fx in the 1st Yr.& 80% lower in yrs 1-4. Also found that higher BMD levels before bisphosphonate incr risk AFF.
12 Oct 2018 Social Watch the World Arthritis Day 2018: Don't Delay, Connect Today video here on 12 October 2018! Watch the World Arthritis Day 2017 video here:
08 Oct 2018 Social Dont miss the RheumNow Week in Review Podcast: VItamin D Fails again - OR listen on iTunes or SoundCloud