Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018


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21 Sep 2017 News Osteoporotic Fractures as Back Pain in Older Men
19 Sep 2017 News Romosuzumab Followed by Alendronate is Best in Fracture Prevention
18 Sep 2017 Social 50 pt trial of steroid injx vs wrist splinting for carpal tunnel syndr shows injx w/ better dexterity, satisfaction
14 Sep 2017 Social After 3-5yrs bisphosphonates in postmenopausal OP women, BP Drug holiday assoc w/ 40% higher risk of new fractures
05 Sep 2017 Social RT @ProfDavidHunter: Suggestions that the knee injection technique (approach) can influence treatment efficacy http…
04 Sep 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Really interesting article on observation that beta blockers reduce joint pain and opioid use in osteoarthritis #OA ht…
04 Sep 2017 Social RT @jesdaile: The best long-term solution for arthritis is research on prevention and control
21 Aug 2017 Social In UK, RA + OA Arthritis will cause 25.9 million lost working days costing £3.43 billion by 2030
17 Aug 2017 News Bad Knees Through the Ages
17 Aug 2017 News Osteoporosis Care for RA Patients Found Suboptimal, Declining
13 Aug 2017 Social Hip & Knee pain is linked to Increasing Temperature (betw -5 & 30C), Not Rainfall
11 Aug 2017 News Kids with Crohn's have Profound MSK Deficits - but No Increase in Fractures
10 Aug 2017 News Joint Pain Linked to Increasing Temperature, Not Rainfall
02 Aug 2017 News Romosuzumab Outperforms Teriparatide in Post-Bisphosphonate Osteoporosis
02 Aug 2017 Social Amgen submitted its Biologic Licence application to the FDA for Denosumab in Rx of Glucorticoid induced Osteoporosis
28 Jul 2017 Social Intraarticular small-molecule Wnt inhibitor SM04690 phase II trial successful in knee OA
27 Jul 2017 News Denosumab Increases Trabecular Bone
23 Jul 2017 Social RT @RheumJC: #RheumJC is back on Thur July 27th discussing perioperative guidelines for knee & hip arthroplasty: ht…
19 Jul 2017 Social Study of 38924 shows dairy intake assoc w/ incr risk of OA hip replacement (unrelated to age, BMI, smoking, activity
19 Jul 2017 Social Alcohol & Smoking assoc w/ 2 fold risk of Hand OA. but being overweight or obese is NOT.