Friday, 15 Dec 2017


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10 Oct 2016 News Those with Osteoporotic Fractures are Going Untreated
07 Oct 2016 Social Injection of nanoparticle peptides carrying siRNA that inhibit NF-κB may benefit osteoarthritic joints
05 Oct 2016 Social Orthopedic implant market projected to rise to $6.2 billion by 2024. US Majority at 53%
30 Sep 2016 Social Untimely phase III death of odancitinib (cathepsin K inhib) from osteoporosis development - higher risk of stroke
27 Sep 2016 News Anti-Sclerostin Drug Prevents Vertebral Fractures in Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis
24 Sep 2016 Social RT @sayanamk: @RonanTKavanagh @drdhanlon @ASBMR NNT & NNH for Bisphosphates : 10 & 800 Impressive by a mile
24 Sep 2016 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: “bisphosphonate use in hip fracture pts decreased from 15% in 2004 to 3% in the last quarter of 2013”…
23 Sep 2016 Social $990 Billion spent on #Osteoporosis Rx in 2013. 22% ($756B) on brand name drugs. Generics use varied 57-86 %.
20 Sep 2016 Social Compared to controls In Sweden, Hip fracture is 50-89% higher in RA: 10% lower in OA women; not explained by BMD
19 Sep 2016 News Anabolic Abaloparatide Looks Promising in Osteoporosis Fracture Prevention
03 Sep 2016 Social Good review of CRMO - multifocal bone pain/lesions on xray w/ high CRP - bone bx neg c/s & inflamm changes
02 Sep 2016 Social Men with erectile dysfunction have 2 fold increase risk for osteoporosis - gives new meaning to term "boner"
02 Sep 2016 Social Amgen releases results of 12 mo RCT of denosumab vs risedronate in steroid Rx pts - Prolia had twice increase in BMD
01 Sep 2016 News Cost of Osteoporosis Care in the USA
30 Aug 2016 News FDA Approves Updated Denosumab Warnings
29 Aug 2016 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: Increased activity limitations — National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2000–2015 | MMWR…
24 Aug 2016 Social RCT of osteoporotic vertebral fractures (< 6 wks) showed vertebroplasty twice better than placebo in reducing pain
22 Aug 2016 News Drug Use Compounds Risk - Before and After Fragility Fractures
17 Aug 2016 Social Synovial fluid WBC counts correlate w/ Synovititis, overall damage. Higher counts have better resp to IA steroids
09 Aug 2016 Social Should low dose prednisone be used in Osteoarthritis? Conflicting data in RCTs