Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019


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23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Kelly Krohn: Update on Osteoporosis Sessions
23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Arthur Lau: Osteoporosis
22 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Kelly Krohn: Role of Fat Cells
22 Oct 2018 Social RT @japaoli19: AbstractL03 Intraarticular Wnt inhibitor shows benefit in the Tx of knee OA #ACR18 @rheumnow https://t.co/y6ZNaBYbYm
15 Oct 2018 Social Diabetics known to have a higher risk of hip Fracture; Metanalysis of nearly 5 million people & over 50k Fractures shows diabetics w/ a 30% increased risk of ankle Fx (RR 1.30) & 15% decrease in wrist Fx (RR 0.85). Same pattern of Fx seen w/ obesity. https://t.co/9J2A7Gqlhj
15 Oct 2018 Social ASBMR study of 150K women in S. Calif finds after 3-5 yrs of bisphospholate, a drug holiday resulted in 44% reduction in atypical femoral Fx in the 1st Yr.& 80% lower in yrs 1-4. Also found that higher BMD levels before bisphosphonate incr risk AFF. https://t.co/lcwhYvqRS8
12 Oct 2018 Social Watch the World Arthritis Day 2018: Don't Delay, Connect Today video here on 12 October 2018! Watch the World Arthritis Day 2017 video here: https://t.co/znSMFMUvJA
08 Oct 2018 Social Dont miss the RheumNow Week in Review Podcast: VItamin D Fails again https://t.co/B8jxNHRZAM - OR listen on iTunes https://t.co/ulnqmayJkZ or SoundCloud https://t.co/fT6cKTVXBg https://t.co/yn6GrO1C85
05 Oct 2018 News Vitamin D Fails to Improve Bone Health
03 Oct 2018 News Zolendronic Acid Benefits Elder Women with Osteopenia
03 Oct 2018 Social RCT Extended vs flexed knee positioning for arthrocentesis in 55 knees (20 vs 35) - Extended knee was 2X better in Syn fluid yield (16.9 vs 5.9 ml) and more succcessful at dx fluid aspiration (99% vs 77%). Mechanical compression equaled out these results. https://t.co/JfAjTDRBhG
02 Oct 2018 Social Population study of 16,362 adults >55yrs, shows that hip and knee osteoarthritis associated with an increased risk of Diabetes (2 knees = HR 1.16 [95% CI 1.04, 1.29]; 2 OA hips = HR 1.25 [1.08, 1.44]); nearly half related to inability to ambulate https://t.co/IAyk4jJDqR
28 Sep 2018 News Neuropathic Like Knee Pain
25 Sep 2018 News Knee Arthroscopic Surgeries on the Decline
24 Sep 2018 News Fractures May Lead to Systemic Bone Loss
21 Sep 2018 News Maastricht Study Links Dairy Intake to Osteoarthritis
18 Sep 2018 Social Seropositivity (RF, CCP, or anti-CarP antibodies) is seldom seen in Hand OA and Erosive OA (~<7%) and when present did not predict Erosions, Xray damage or CRP levels https://t.co/m9QZkzrLb6
13 Sep 2018 Social 10 yr study of 581 gout vs 598 OA pts shows gout with a lower risk of colorectal cancer (0.8% vs 3.7%). https://t.co/xPbj1iEGDs Other studies have shown increased overall Cancer risk in gout https://t.co/RDaDhm5V31
07 Sep 2018 News Osteoarthritis and the Risk of Mortality
03 Sep 2018 Social RheumNow Wk in Review on paternal DMARD effects, Contraceptives, OA & depression-insomnia & storing your biologics https://t.co/dIJS7s318d or listen on iTUNES or here https://t.co/PewEsBj1YH