Friday, 18 Jan 2019


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19 Feb 2018 Social Dentists are ill at ease providing dental surgery to patients on bisphosphonates. 63% active ask about BP Rx, 85% reluctant to do dental surgery if on BP Rx.
14 Feb 2018 Social 240,000 Canadian COPD patients, >55 yrs; those on inhaled corticosteroids (>4 yrs, >1gm) had 10% higher rate of fractures (men and women)
13 Feb 2018 Social Good review of Pagets disease of bone on Medscape. Common bone disorder w/ osteobalstic and osteoclastic activity, resulting in sclerotic and lytic lesions.
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: No good evidence to support use of glucosamine for knee/hip OA. Drs. Wells and Troum #RWCS @RheumNow
02 Feb 2018 Social RT @DrPetryna: HIV+/HCV+ postmenopausal women have significantly ( ~ 7%) lower spine aBMD and vBMD. lower BMI and trunk fat, more likely t…
23 Jan 2018 News Teriparatide Superior to Risedronate in the VERO Trial
18 Jan 2018 News Two Types of Osteoarthritis Based on Cartilage Studies
15 Jan 2018 News New Rise in Hip Fractures Amongst Women
11 Jan 2018 Social Study of THR in Hip arthritis pts shows that Surgeons who do "overlapping surgeries" (supervises 2+ operations simultaneously) have a 90% in surgical complications in 1st yr.
08 Jan 2018 News Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Reduce Hip Fractures
04 Jan 2018 Social Checkout #ACR17 video by Dr. Olga Petryna on the FRAME II study romosuzumab vs. alendronate.
03 Jan 2018 News Community Screening for Fracture Risk in Older Women is Effective and Feasible
29 Dec 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Nice review on the mechanism of #pain in #osteoarthritis via @RheumJnl #arthritis #joint #rheumat…
29 Dec 2017 Social RT @JAMA_current: Findings do not support the routine use of #calcium, #vitaminD, or combined calcium and vitamin D #supplements in communi…
28 Dec 2017 Social Pregabalin (not duloxetine) improves pain in hand osteoarthritis in RCT vs PBO - improved pain and function.
07 Dec 2017 News Knee Surgery Outcomes Worse with Low Education
30 Nov 2017 News Weight Loss Does Not Protect OA Knees
28 Nov 2017 News Prevalence of Arthritis Grossly Underestimated
18 Nov 2017 Social RT @JeremyLewisPT: Arthroscopic decompression is not recommended for Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain (10 year follow up)…
17 Nov 2017 Social RT @japaoli19: No benefit of HCQ vs placebo in another double blind study on hand OA 6